Smart / Quick Cast spells on Mobile??

    • Smart / Quick Cast spells on Mobile??

      Hello Everyone,

      I am a PC player and recently because of traveling decided to play Albion on Mobile and test it out - my biggest issue and complaint about what makes combat feel really clunky compared to PC is not having the option for “Quick/Smart Cast” enabled.

      On PC I use quick cast on all of my spells and have been playing this way for a very long time for a smooth game play that I am used to, but I do not see this option available on mobile.. can anyone help me, is there an option for this or no??

      If the option doesn’t exist, then I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND adding it for QOL change to Mobile devices, because going from quick cast on PC to mobile right now feels terrible and makes me dislike playing on Mobile entirely.

      I believe that having this smart cast option available for Mobile would 100% fix the problem of “clunky combat” on Mobile, and create a smoother flow.

      The option is already sort of there, I have noticed that when I press spells and abilities “out of combat” then the spells will be cast in whichever direction my character and joystick is facing, this is perfect, so I just don’t understand why this cannot stay the same while actually in combat?

      When I’m combat the only way to get spells to trigger is to hold with finger and select the target destination of the spell, and even then it doesn’t always work perfectly, and otherwise it will auto-target a different target than the one you are trying to attack, it’s actually very frustrating, if only 1 click - quick cast was enabled like on PC you can just use spells wherever you would like and they will either hit or miss an enemy depending on where you are positioned, this would be much simpler and better for combat, especially PVP.

      thank you for reading, and hopefully listening to me, please help me out if I am doing something wrong and this option already exists, I would really like to be able to enjoy playing Albion on Mobile and this seems to be the 1 MAJOR thing that is preventing me!
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    • Agreed, same here. I would say the hold to target way works pretty well for most simple circle AOE and line skillshots. But for too many other spells that are more complicated/require more precision to aim, like bear paws E or cursed skull E the aiming is just VERY unprecise and frustrating! I always feel at strong disadvantage compared to when I play on PC.

      Also, I made another thread about this, the keyboard+mouse support for mobile/tablets NEEDS optimization, especially aiming, it is even worse there….