Testserver Patch Notes - Into the Fray Patch 4

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    • Testserver Patch Notes - Into the Fray Patch 4

      Into the Fray Patch 4

      Magic Staff Overhaul: Arcane and Frost Staffs

      This patch brings a complete rework of Arcane and Frost Staffs, as the final stage of the Magic Staff overhaul that kicked off with the Into the Fray update. These weapon lines have been fully reworked with new and updated abilities, as well as new visuals and animations to bring them to life and improve their readability during combat.
      For the complete list of new and updated abilities launched with this patch, see the Combat Balance Changes section below.

      Season 15 Winner Statue Unveiled
      Congrats to Elevate, winners of Guild Season 15, on their second win! Check out their new statue at the entrance to Conquerors' Hall, which includes banners for second- and third-place winners Team Pilas and RAQ.

      UI & Quality-of-Life Improvements
      • The Building Nutrition UI has been updated with new fields and a display of how much nutrition is being added. This affects the UIs for player buildings, Hideouts, and Territories.
      • The Trade UI layout has been updated, and now displays the Silver amount bid by each side at the upper left.
      Black Zone Loot Changes
      For the first 90 seconds after a black-zone kill, the dead player can only be looted by the following participants:
      • The killed player
        • The killed player's allies (same party, guild or alliance)
      • The player that dealt the killing blow
        • The killer's allies (same party, guild or alliance)
      • The player that dealt the most damage to the killed player
        • That player's allies (same party, guild or alliance)
      • After 90 seconds, these limitations are lifted and the corpse can be looted by any player
      Other Changes
      • Might awarded for opening Castle and Castle Outpost Chests is now distributed to the victorious guild's members in a larger radius to better include all participants
      • Pieces of furniture in the open world now must be placed at least 10 meters apart:
        • This distance only applies to other furniture objects and does not affect proximity to walls or terrain
        • This rule does not apply on Player Islands, Guild Islands, in Hideouts, or in Cities
      • The Faction Warfare "Last Stand" buff no longer prevents the Journey Back ability from being used
      • The Faction Warfare Flagging Bonus can no longer be purged
      • Level 6+ Crystal League Championship tokens no longer appear in the Marketplace
      Combat Balance Changes

      Arcane Staffs
      • Arcane Protection (all Arcane Staffs)
        • The Shielded target is now immune to Forced Movement effects
        • Blocking a Forced Movement effect will remove the shield
        • The shield no longer affects threat generation
        • Cooldown: 5s → 6s
      • Removed the ability Energy Bolt (all Arcane Staffs)
      • New Q-slot Ability Chain Missile (all Arcane Staffs)
        • Shoot a Chain Missile in the targeted direction
        • Upon hitting an enemy, it will jump to the closest enemy within 8m of the last enemy hit, dealing 121 magical damage (can hit up to 3 targets; cannot hit the same target multiple times)
        • Applies one Arcane Charge to all enemies hit
        • Arcane Charges are consumed whenever you deal damage to the affected target, dealing an additional 61 magical damage
      • Magic Shock (all Arcane Staffs)
        • Damage: 150 -> 135
      • Frazzle (all Arcane Staffs)
        • Cast Range: 11m -> 13m
        • Casttime: 1.2s -> 0.6s
        • Cooldown 10s -> 12s
        • Now reduces enemy resistances (instead of bonus defense vs players)
        • Resistance Reduction Duration 5s -> 4s
      • Empowering Beam (all Arcane Staffs)
        • The caster can now move during the channel
      • Mimic (all Arcane Staffs)
        • Cast Range: 11m -> 15m
        • Mimicked abilities
          • Axes: Raging Blades -> Battle Rush
          • Frost Staffs: Frost Nova -> Glacial Obelisk
          • Maces: Snare Charge -> Guard Rune
      • Removed the ability Energy Beam (all Arcane Staffs)
      • Added new W-slot Ability Enigma Blade (all Arcane Staffs)
        • Combine up to two abilities; the combo resets after 4s
        • 1st ability, Enigma Blade:
          • Conjure a magic blade that hits all enemies in a cone in the targeted direction, dealing 200 magical damage
          • Hitting at least one enemy enables the next combo ability
        • 2nd ability, Flicker:
          • Teleport to the targeted position (cannot teleport through obstacles)
      • Arcane Orb (one-handed Arcane Staff)
        • Projectile Speed: 14.4 m/s -> 17.7 m/s
      • Time Freeze (Great Arcane Staff)
        • Now also affects allies (group-, guild- and alliance members only)
        • Freeze Duration vs players: 4s -> 2s (remains 4s vs Mobs)
        • Hit Delay: 1.1s -> 0.5s
        • Base cooldown: 39s -> 50s
        • Cooldown reduction per 100 Item Power: 0.8s -> 1s
      • Black Hole (Witchwork Staff)
        • Radius: 5m -> 6m
      • Time Corridor (Occult Staff)
        • Now always costs 15% energy
        • Base cooldown: 30s -> 44s
        • Cooldown reduction per 100 Item Power: 0s -> 1s
      • Dark Sphere (Evensong)
        • Hit Delay: 0.6s -> 0.4s
      • Removed the Passive ability Aggressive Caster (all Arcane Staffs)
      • Added a new Passive ability Lingering Power
        • After casting any spell, increases your Attack Speed by 120% and your Attack Range by 33% for the next three normal attacks within 3s
      Frost Staffs
      • Removed the Q-slot Ability: Frost Bolt (all Frost Staffs)
      • Added new Q-slot Ability: Frostbite (all Frost Staffs)
        • Shoot a projectile in the targeted direction, dealing 128 magical damage upon impact with an enemy; increases your damage by 4% for 2.5s (stacks up to 3 times)
      • Removed the Q-slot Ability: Hoarfrost (all Frost Staffs)
      • Added new Q-slot Ability: Frozen Surge (all Frost Staffs)
        • Freeze the ground in front of you along a 16m long and 3.8m wide path, dealing 80 magical damage
        • Slows all enemies hit by 20% for 3s
      • Frost Bomb (all Frost Staffs)
        • Now instantly slows enemies by 20% while the bomb is building up
      • Frost Nova (all Frost Staffs)
        • Range: 11m -> 9m
        • Stun Radius: 5m -> 3m
      • Frost Beam (all Frost Staffs)
        • Channel Tick Interval: 0.5s -> 0.3s
        • Channel Duration: 4.5s -> 2.7s
      • Removed W-slot Ability Shatter (all Frost Staffs)
      • Added new W-slot Ability Frost Lance (all Frost Staffs)
        • Fire a Frost Lance from a targeted position in a chosen direction
        • Hitting an enemy causes the lance to explode, dealing 145 magical damage to all enemies within 3m radius
        • Decreases damage resistances of all enemies hit by 0.16 for 4s
      • Added new W-slot Ability Glacial Obelisk (all Frost Staffs)
        • Create a Glacial Obelisk at the targeted position, lasting 6s
        • Increases all damage and the Cooldown Rate of up to 10 allies within a 6m radius of the Obelisk by 15%
        • Recast the ability to detonate the Obelisk, dealing 70 magical damage within a 5m radius
        • Slows all enemies hit by 40% for 4s
      • Freezing Wind (one-handed Frost Staff)
        • Standtime 0.2s -> 0.4s
        • Area cone reduced by 1m
      • Hail (Great Frost Staff)
        • Each Hail wave can now be cast independently
        • Damage per wave: 119 -> 150
        • Damage is now reflectable
      • Avalanche (Hoarfrost Staff)
        • Reworked ability:
          • Launch a giant snowball in the targeted direction, rolling over all enemies
          • Deals 60 magical damage (damage cannot be reflected)
          • The snowball starts with a 2m radius, growing up to 3.1m while rolling
          • The snowball leaves behind a freezing trail that lasts 4s
            • Slows all enemies on it by 40%
          • Recast the ability to cause the snowball to explode, dealing 160 magical damage (damage cannot be reflected)
          • Stuns all enemies hit for 1,33s
      • Frozen Crystal (Chillhowl)
        • Ability is now called Glacial Prison
      Holy Staffs
      The Hit Delay of Smite has been increased, as it was very easy to continuously hit enemy players with it. With their combination of very high self-sustain and reliable high damage output, Holy Healers could be quite a frustrating match-up in Corrupted Dungeons.
      • Smite (all Holy Staffs)
        • Hit Delay: 0s -> 0.15s
      The Morning Star E-ability has been reworked. Its root duration is now limited to 1.5s against single enemies, to make it harder for groups to catch solo targets with it. However, its mobility has been increased along with its synergy with Air Compressor, making it more effective in group vs group fights.

      • Air Compressor (all Maces)
        • Standtime: 1s -> 0s
      • Root Prison (Morning Star)
        • Has been reworked and is now called Gravitas
          • Combine up to two abilites; the combo resets after 3s
          • 1st ability Close In:
            • Dash towards the targeted position
          • 2nd ability Gravitas:
            • Conjure a high gravity field with a 5m radius around you, rooting all enemies (ignoring crowd control resistance), while channeling for up to 4s (cannot be interrupted)
            • At the end of the channel enemies will remain rooted for 1.5s
            • Hitting less than 3 enemy players will end the root after 1.5s (mobs are not affected by this condition)


      • Party UI fixes:
        • Members with no role, or who are in a different zone, now always appear lowest on the list if sorted by roles
        • Targeted party member is now highlighted in member list
      • General UI fixes
        • Fixed issue where Territory UI did not close when an attack started
        • Fixed issue where items could vanish when two players moved them to or from a guild vault at the same time
        • Fixed issue where some display elements would not appear after closing the World Map when in recording mode
        • Fixed issue where Guild Rights Management UI would lag when scrolling
        • Fixed issue where cooldown duration of Guild Crest change would not display
      • Spell fixes:
        • Evasive Jump (Royal Shoes) now provides immunity to knockbacks
        • Fixed issue where vanity ability keyboard shortcuts did not work when in recording mode
      • Additional graphical, UI, terrain, audio, and localization fixes

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    • now rework/nerf BL instead of 40 nature in zvz we will see 40 bl's
      the problem will turn from sustain to killing.

      PrintsKaspian wrote:

      Root Prison (Morning Star)

      This ability is now called Gravitas

      Combine up to two abilites. The combo resets after 3s.

      1st ability Close In:

      Dash towards the targeted position.

      2nd ability Gravitas:

      Conjure a high gravity field with a 5m radius around you, rooting all enemies (ignoring crowd control resistance), while channeling for up to 4s (can't be interrupted).

      At the end of the channel enemies will remain rooted for 1.5s.

      Hitting less than 3 enemy players will end the root after 1.5s (mobs are unaffected by this condition).
      means m star has 1,5 sec shorter root and got dash ? LOL

      cleanse aura still not fixed vs m star....

      NO CAHNGES WITH : Q2 spear nerf, people have had enough of this weapon for almost a year, range from narnia, huge dmg from auto attack + thetfort cape + mage cowl.... 1 auto = 1kdmg~.
      invis pot ganking = pay attention to it, the problem that was created by removing gate camping was shifted to gathering treasure by adding TP....
      demonfang ??? demonfang is nothing more than BL with 3x E, 5.3 deletes people in less than a second.
      g fire ????
    • Haha that's so ...good.

      Holy smite changes: 0.15 delay - now it is unplayable for people with 100+ ping but still a thing for people with 30 ping

      Making the ping decide if a build is playable or not, so basically where u live is not the best design.

      Arcane - doesn't seem to have an effect on solo first glance

      Frost will give 2 solo builds

      Basically it means 3+ additional months of sword spear and gloves meta with some frost interaction and occasionally a longbow / Badon on jump - how disappointing.

      Anyway, with the holy and nature overwork that is a complete fail now for solo i came back, but thank you for remembering me, why I stopped.

      P.S. are u serious with great frost, Q3 & teleport?

      That's indeed balanced to gloves claymore and trinity - potentially actually even better..

      The post was edited 1 time, last by Trial_hard ().

    • How stupid you need to be to kill Frosts like that, why remove the radius and invulnerability. Yes, you want to make other W abilities played, but for this you need to make them as useful as frost nova. 3 q frost is a useless thing in this patch.
    • Deeweiss7 wrote:

      Morning star was the last ganking weapon... How to dismount a bear now?
      stop using flat 6 :)

      For years, SBI has been trying to introduce risk = reward for gankers who abus CC chain in flat 4.

      start playing 8.1/2 such grizzly or other in 5 people drops in few seconds :)
      on the other hand adding weapons that would be based on % dmg vs mounts would not be a stupid idea, surely dmg > CC, being cc locked is not healthy gameplay.

      to that morning star got a buff and not a nerf... and the loss is only 1.5 sec.... but the dash is OP as fuck so yea ^^

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