map spawns and albion horse riding simulator

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    • map spawns and albion horse riding simulator


      for some content like 2v2, 5v5 and 10v10 hellgates players use maps to spawn the entry points.

      To reduce the distance between city and entry point these maps are opened on the lower layers of the city. The spawn points are always on the maps next to a city. I would really like to know why the game designers think it would be a good idea that players have to go two layers down in the city every time they want to spawn a hellgate map? It adds nothing to the game experience and only wastes player time.

      Another scenario, a player opens the map directly in the city. Then the entry point can spawn up to three maps away. No one has fun riding three maps to the spawn point. Most players avoid riding these distances as best as they can. So why is this still part of the game design? In my opinion this is nonsensical game design.

      Taking yellow zone maps into consideration - there is not even a chance for PVP activity on the way to the spawn point. Why can't non-lethal hellgates entered directly from within the city then? Of course there is the consistency argument, players should be taught how the map mechanics work so they know them if they switch to red/black zone hellgates. On the other side beginner players need to learn new mechanics if they switch to red/black zone content anyway.

      Pointing to the patch notes of the newer updates. There SBI introduced the teleport back feature and argued they wanted to reduce the "horse riding simulator" problem. Shouldn't this argument apply to the hellgate map spawn distance as well?

      I would love to read about the opinions of other players.
    • If they reduced the spawn distance to 2 maps I think that would solve the issue, you'd only have to go down 1 layer in the Royal city to get the map to spawn 1 zone away for non lethal activities. For the black zone its pretty much the new bubble distance from the invis shrine and in Caerleon for the Red zones 2 maps you'd possibly get a fight or at the very least not have to run too far out.

      The point of the rework was to keep people in the open world and not have 35 hellgate spawns in the 4 maps surrounding a royal city. Each instance has a spawn point in the world and I believe is shared between SRD's GRD's CRD's as well as HG's.
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    • Reef wrote:

      Game disigners really think tha thay make 'open world' content by that move.
      And what about HCE palyers?
      I believed that in the beginning as well but no more. By allowing to open maps from the lower conquerer hall layers the game is specifially designed to avoid the travel distances in the open world. That's why I believe the current design is really clunky and not really thought out. Every hellgate player I know spawns maps on the lower layers. They want to play hellgates and not get into a fight with 10 gankers.
      Another thing, crystal 5v5, 20v20 are started in the conquerors hall. There SBI also breaks the pattern of forcing players that want to play instanced content into the open world.

      After opening hellgate maps for hours it get's really tiresome to run around to the spawn point. There are zero fights and zero reason to do this. It is just a waste of time that could be spent better.
    • Agreed.

      I think they should just bite the bullet and remove the entire Map/Gate process from Hellgates and have them as additional Arena Options.

      The game would then have 3 instanced types of PvP content that could be explored directly from a city.

      Standard Arena
      Crystal Arena

      Having players jump through artificial friction points to engage in content isn't good design.
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    • HGs and CDs should all be entered via City. The PvP risk in that content is already with the content itself. No point to add random searching for entrances on top of it. More people would do it leading to even more death/trashed gear. Only potential negative is OW trash can groups of 15 gankers would lose free kills. I guess they would need to play skilled even number PvP content instead.