Any recourse for being robbed

    • Any recourse for being robbed

      As the title says someone gained access to my private island I’m guessing through the guild and stole all the resources and gear I had in a couple chest. Not an insignificant amount of stuff. I have the chest logs to show this person removed the items but the person doesn’t appear to be in the guild anymore. If I submit a support ticket will they do anything?
    • Although Support is unlikely to help you, as there are no rules against "scamming" and "robbing", I would recommend you lock down the permissions on your Island and Chests to make sure no one else can use the chests besides you.

      I would remove all of the "Co-Owners, Builders & Visitors" from your Island, and additionally remove any "Users / Co-Owners" from your chests to protect them for the future.