10v10 Hellgates - Bugged matchups?

    • 10v10 Hellgates - Bugged matchups?

      Something is wrong with the matchups in 10v10 hellgates. I am not sure how the algorithm works, but our squads keep getting matched up against people with 100x the kill fame that our squad has. It makes no sense. One thing I noticed is that people are trolling the 10v10s with 1man or small guilds in their group. So the guild points for 10v10s is low when it is aggregated. If that's how this works, it is not very smart because our group with a combined kill fame of 500mil, should not be going against a group with 5billion kill fame.

      Any insight into how this works would be useful, because our groups don't want to participate in 10v10s anymore because we always go up against ridiculous parties.
    • Could the algorithm be adjusted so you have more Fame Farm if the group is outmatched so badly? Not only was their kill fame huge, but also their infamy was at least 10x our teams infamy. It just makes it not fun to go up against some of these groups (and they are like the only group playing) over and over again.