Hello to everyone!

    • Hello to everyone!

      Hello strangers, I'm not new on Albion Online but I started to use the forum a few days ago because of the black screen issue, so...let me properly introduce myself, manners are important. :)

      I'm Michele from Italy and I'm 37 yo, I began playing AO a year ago while looking for a game to share with my friends, we were almost stuck at home for covid reasons and we were searching for a fun game to spend our time together...unfortunately Albion didn't meet everybody expectations and we tried something else (even LoL), but I liked it and continued to play for some time even alone...then I got frustrated because I was not premium, I wanted to be an archer (I practice in archery even in real life) and needed lots of planks to craft bows, but the only Bridgewatch Lumbermill at that time had a 9999 fee. || After planning to take my ox and transfer all my goods in Lymhurst (never done in the end), I stopped playing for months...but I came back this spring, played hard to kill mobs and earn silver, and now I'm premium with my island and my personal Lumbermill. :thumbsup: I love that man.
      So, I'm essentially an adventurer who likes to play with his own style and at his peace, I like gathering, killing mobs, and get involved slowly into game mechanincs...currently I'm regularly wandering in red zones looking for resources and puppies (I'll get my own wolf and moose one day or another!), but I already upgraded my buildings to T6 level, so probably next step should be to take my risks and face the black zones to find T7 stones...or maybe I join Bridgewatch faction and give a try to faction warfare, but I'm not interested into joining a guild, not at this time.
      So, that's all, see you in the game (my character is Madma177), you'll find me in Bridgewatch. :thumbup:
    • Hahaha welcome Madma :) ... That sure was a long transport trip to Lymhurst (multiple months time lol), like a real adventure but the adventurer stopped moving for months ;)

      Hope to see you in-game someday, I'll be on the lookout for your name. I plan to move my realmgate portal over to Bridgewatch soon for the hide & easy access to my guild's Hideout.

      Thanks for the post, love reading this - yours was great lol. <3