Returning PvP player from 2017, very lost and confused. Help please

    • Returning PvP player from 2017, very lost and confused. Help please

      Hey as the title says, I am a returning player from 2017.

      Here is my destiny board stats (4k gold w/ premium rn and 500k silver)

      * 1600 LP
      * lvl 35 bow
      * lvl 5 bow specialist
      * lvl 6 warbow specialist
      * lvl 19 leather jacket fighter
      * lvl 10 assassin jacket specialist
      * lvl 19 leather shoes fighter
      * lvl 10 assassin shoes specialist
      * lvl 16 cloth cowl fighter
      * lvl 8 mage cowl combat specialist
      * lvl 1 Expert Wood Planer / lvl 8 adept wood planer /
      * lvl 1 adept lumberjack
      * lvl 75 herbalist / lvl 5 on all plants cept 1 and burdock cultivator is lvl 11
      * lvl 4 chef
      * lvl 23 alchemist / lvl 3 heal brewer / lvl 3 sticky brewer
      * Master Reaver
      * Master Adventurer
      * 750k fame // 150k fame from pvp

      killed 90 people in my 80-100 hours of play time. I really enjoyed the game back then and I am a PvPer at my core, looooooove PvP but what frustrated me was the constant zerging and the 1v2s I would be stuck in (was impossible to escape sometimes) or people being able to run away infinitely in a 1v1.

      I saw there is an arena queue? But I really do not know wtf I should do/should be doing and where I should be going with all of this. Was reading some of the updates and they seem super good!

      Anyways, seeing the above, what do y'all suggest I do to catch up / PvP or what can I be doing rn as a solo player? Also any build recommendations with bows, hit me with em! thanks, love PvPing and see myself potentially getting back into this.

      I am playing by myself, no duo.

      Any suggestions as well to make money or what to do with my island?

      Thanks a ton.
    • There have been massive changes. 2017 was the year the game launched. I would suggest watching one of the streamers that tends to focus on answering new player questions. @Blackboa is a good one. He does solo, group and arena. He's easy to approach and his explanations are clear and well informed. You can also check out the AlbionFAQ YouTube channel. @DrizztOfSothebys does a good job at explaining things in short easy to understand videos. Some of it you may remember from "Back in the day" other things will probably be new to you.
      Good luck and Good skill!
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    • CallMeGosu wrote:

      go roads if u like small groups of 3-5 ppl.
      uninstall the game if you like to play solo.
      no joke, the solo part of this game died years ago.
      So far i have been doing everything solo and j do absolutely fine.
      And no, i dont hang out in yellow or blue zones.
      There is also plenty of stuff on YouTube that will disprove your point.

      Playing in groups obviously is what mmos are all about, but claiming solo is dead is just incorrect.
      BZ life best life.