Twitch Drops require way too many hours

    • Twitch Drops require way too many hours

      First, I want to say that the overall system for Twitch drops is fantastic. It has gotten me to check out some creators that I never would have otherwise, and I see all of them benefit from the increased attention. However, I think the numbers need some balancing, especially with the requirements for getting community chests.

      Currently, you have to be connected to a qualifying stream for over 24 solid hours (or 4 hours/day for 6 out of 7 days every week) which is just WAY too much. It actively encourages us to leave a stream running on mute without actually engaging with it, because most people can't handle that many hours of livestreaming. Hell, if you're someone who gets home at 6PM after work, you have to have an Albion stream running practically every moment of your free time just to get the Legendary Chest. Or, like I had to do this week, leave your computer running overnight with a stream.

      I imagine this isn't very healthy for the streamers themselves either, who are pushed into having 48-hour streams just to keep up with demand. I personally witnessed 2 such streams happen this last week, and only one of them had the ability to get any sleep while still having content during that time. The other just didn't sleep for 48 hours.

      Suggestion: Change community chests to require 1 hour of viewing per chest, and leave the overall number of chests per week the same. This encourages people with a day job to participate properly in streams without going crazy and gives some breathing room if you don't go on Twitch for a day or two. It also allows space for content creators who haven't yet gained official Albion affiliation, since you're no longer required to watch pre-approved streams every waking hour (this was also a conflict I encountered this past week).