Consequences for Exploiting the Fame-Distribution Bug

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      Very nice, anyone complaining, probably had his/her dirty little paws in this mess. Varying in degree of course.

      P.S. : I've also had a lot of fun reading through this thread.
      Have fun, you'll remember this when some shit happens to you and you can't do anything about it. In this game, in another game or in real life. Karma wheel always strike when you don't expect it.
      of course things like "something will happen and you can't do anything about it" happen in real life, dont compare exploiting a glitch in a video game which is obviously not right, to karma, if anything, person that exploited a glitch intentionally did a bad thing, so karma should reflect on him/heri can go on like this for a whole day
      Exploiting a bug and making fun of people punished because of it are both not ok. Yes, when you get punished by developers you can't do anything about it and don't have any control over it, like most things in real life.
      you're really defending people that intentionally exploited it? if they did it, they deserved it, a lesson for them to not do it again, as i said its common sense, what do you expect when exploiting a bug? if you get caught doing it, its all your fault. yes, there are few innocent people that really suffered from this rollback and im not saying its right, but its the best middle ground for SBI to punish most of the people that really took an advantage of the bug. Moreover, I did not noticed anybody making fun of those innocent people, instead all im reading is people being butthurt that they lost money because they used this bug to get more money and more guilty people defending them, you should be grateful that they did not ban people that heavily exploited it
      i will skip the part about not having control over most things in real life, which is a ridiculous opinion to me
      I don't defend people that intentionally exploited it, that's literaly written above your message : "Exploiting a bug [...] is not ok"
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      You guys are leaving the part out where you break TOS.
      I don't remember you getting rolled back/punished for abusing journal prices back in the day and making crazy amounts of silver. That wasn't TOS?
      Either way, I don't symphatize with any of the people that lost their progress or money, however I do think that SBI is at fault with this one, it's just that too many people cried about it.

      I just know for a fact every single one of us here would've jumped on it if we were online as we jumped on every other thing SBI broke. I wasn't but I would've done the same thing as everyone else. Stop playing righteous and giving props to SBI. There's still a milion things that need fixing and optimization, but no, "Lets focus our time and effort on some people that abused something we screwed up."
      You are proof that SBIs actions are correct, because it discourages people from using bugs in the future. dont go all crazy about an easy (and unfair) way to progress, report the hell out of any bugs.. and the world will be a tiny bit better place
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