Obvious use of cheat "RADAR" In the black. Zone name ThunderRock Upland

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    • Obvious use of cheat "RADAR" In the black. Zone name ThunderRock Upland

      :!: Hello friends. Im starting this post in efforts to help draw attention to an issue that is going on in the BLACK zones. We tested our suspicions when we first suspected something wierd going on after not once not twice not three but 4 diffrent times being chased down by a large numbers of players. The group just always came straight to the location we were in after entering the map. Wed get away leave go do something else and come back to the said zone. Within a minute everytime the same group of players would be on top of us and were off to the races again. Now i understand scouting ecetra. However this group would just appear in our face all 4 times within a minute everytime no matter where we went on the map after we entered it. At no time in wich we were ever scouted. I understand at times a group can just blindly stumble upon you and its just bad luck. But when a group can locate you within the first minute you enter a map everytime no matter where you go or direction, there are obvious things going on. So i did research and discovered there is an application called RADAR that people are using to locate players on maps. I wont mention the players names. Or guild and or alliances they were/are in. But will say they operate out of Merlyns rest. I have screenshots and a full 2 hour video replay if any mod/dev or other related person cares to see what transpired or to see players envolved for further investigation... :!:
    • IPSAmazon wrote:

      explain the support! And inform the names of players report it

      Also pass information about that app/Exploit/service

      OBS: This would be easily resolved with encrypting the packages.
      Encryption isn't the golden bullet you think it is. Packets need to be decrypted for the client to use them. Once Decrypted, the packets are stored in memory. Instead of reading the packets as they come in an attacker can just read the packets from active memory. Simples.
    • Hello,

      for the stuff it is easy to tell "Albion Radar software is not allowed to use" - and on the other hand not punishing people and ganker groups and whole guilds who are using it.
      For instance, it is pretty obvious that gankers in and around Bleachskull Desert are using such programs.
      If the company cant handle the problem with these cheaters the use of these programs should be allowed for gatherers.
      But I highly recommend Sandbox to DELETE the accounts of people using these programs or even delete ALL accounts of every GUILD who use it or tolerate the using of it - without refunding any money

      Waiting till gatherers gathered enough to make it worth to gank them - the Radar software tells where they are and what they have - is really bad!
      Playing this game is no longer fun for me.
      Getting ganked 3 times in a row with a weight of 98-99% plus gankers coming all from one direction - it is obvious they are using cheat software.

      Again, it is no fun to play the game anymore. People who are not into PVP or even cheating should look for another game - like I do....
    • The concept of radar in the dictionary of any programmer is associated with the concept of "packet interception". Many games suffer because radar ( Tarkov , Dota, etc.). The whole point is that you are not intercepting the packet, but tracking it. And the "trail" of the cheater is almost impossible to trace. A cheater has to be so stupid to change the packages, then he will eventually get caught. God bless ppl of Albion and punish
      all cheaters