You love PvP?

    • You love PvP?

      You have 300+ mil PvP Fame, possibly spread across multiple accounts?
      You mostly play in NA primetime, and maybe play all the way to reset time when life allows?
      You enjoy spending from 3 to 6 hours or more doing constant small-scale fights and ganking, pretty much daily, mostly in the same zones?
      You like to enjoy spending your in-game time with non-toxic, mature people who function as a cohesive team and split loot evenly?
      You want to profit millions in silver each day?
      You can speak English and use your microphone?
      You want to consistently play with others who love the game as you do while killing lots of players?

      If you said yes to ALL of the above statements, then we need to be friends. I am forming a regular group of 20 and we might have a spot for you.