When can we get a rework of Magic staffs of this patch

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    • When can we get a rework of Magic staffs of this patch

      The first question is, what is the power level of Solo PvP?

      Claymore, dual swords, Gloves, trinity?

      And why does power not relate to skill?

      Easiest to play is Trinity. It's impossible to miss the E, and holding stacks is clicking q in time..
      Target is point click - for the complexity of the weapon the weapon is insane for solo..

      Then comes claymore, the E is a click, the only small challenge is to find something to get stacks, but yest a little more complex that trinity but we talk about nuances

      Then gloves, u can basically stunlock u enemy and have crazy mobility..

      Let's be fair, almost none of these weapons is skill dependent..it is managing u rotation and not hit the trap with your face

      Are these 3 weapons the top line things should be balanced for Solo? Just curious, because then the entire patch is fail - at least from solo perspective

      But just curious, is this the baseline? Or was these weapons just not adapted?

      Just go murderer site, go weapon matrix all these weapons have very high successrate..

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