Pinned Known Issues: Into the Fray Update | Updated September 27

    • Known Issues: Into the Fray Update | Updated September 27

      Known Issues - Into the Fray Update (June 08 2022)
      • Crafting currently doesn't add fame to the Mastery of the crafting tree, only to specialization - fixed with Hotfix 1
      • Castle and Castle Outpost chests now only drop tradable Tomes of Insight, instead of tradable and non-tradable Tomes of Insight - fixed with Hotfix 1
      • Forest of Spears (All Spears W) deals damage after the target left the area - fixed with Hotfix 1

        Patchnotes for Hofix 1
      • Fame was incorrectly granted to combat and crafting nodes of unrelated items - fixed with Hotfix 2

        Patchnotes for Hotfix 2
      • 5v5 lethal crystal league level 1 matches are actually still non-lethal - fixed with patch 1 (but won't affect the current off-season as it will end before the patch goes live)
      • Castle UI sometimes doesn't show the correct timer for the chest spawns - fixed with patch 1
      • VFX and buff icons of spells sometimes disappear - fixed with patch 1
      • the displayed rarity of treasure chests in static dungeons is sometimes incorrect (only a visual bug) - fixed in patch 1
      • Lvl 3 No-show Tokens are not usable - fixed with Patch 1
      • In rare cases critter Mobs displaying VFX which are not supposed to be there (e.g. bleed effects) - fixed with Patch 1
      • Travel Agents in Portal Towns currently cannot be used to travel to the royal continent - fixed with Patch 1

        Patchnotes for Patch 1

      • Legendary castle chests are displaying the wrong rarity on the map (this is only a visual bug, the contents are still legendary) - fixed with Patch 2
      • castle/castle outpost chests show the wrong time for the next chest on world map info on weekends - fixed with Patch 2
      • 5-player premade arena matches currently have a very long queue time - fixed with Patch 2

        Patchnotes for Patch 2

      • Some Players didn't receive the anniversary Avatar and Avatar ring through the mail - Fixed manually
      • Gathering Masteries are missing the Gathering Speed Modifier reward - Fixed with patch 3
      • Mobs summoned by Siphoning Mage are not loaded - Fixed with patch 3
      • Wrong "Ice Shard" casting animation for one-handed frost staffs - Fixed with patch 3
      • Incorrect animation of "Frazzle" - Fixed with patch 3
      • Incorrect animation of "Black Hole" - Fixed with patch 3
      • MOBILE: The fishing button sometimes does not work - Fixed with patch 3
      • MOBILE: If you hold the minimap zoom-in button and move to another cluster, the entire HUD is blocked - Fixed with patch 3
      • Sometimes the info about castle chest rarity on the world map and cluster map is displayed wrong - Fixed with patch 3

        Patchnotes for Patch 3

      • When casting Meteor in an invalid area, the meteor freezes in mid-air, rotating endlessly - Fixed with Patch 4
      • Resource Enchantments VFX is sometimes not displayed or displayed wrong - Fixed with Patch 4
      • Spell descriptions for "Arcane Protection" and for "Time Freeze" are missing - Fixed with Patch 4
      • Issue with Clustermaps not removing territory FX after zoning - Fixed with Patch 4
      • Cooldown of Guild Crest Change disappears after relogging or reconnecting - Fixed with Patch 4
      • While the Faction Warfare buff for the weakest faction is active on your character, you cannot use the Journey Back Ability - Fixed with Patch 4
      • Sometimes, items/offers overlap in the marketplace - Fixed with Patch 4
      • Statue in front of the Conqueror's Hall in Fort Sterling has the flags of the second guild - Fixed with Patch 4
      • Season 15 thrones inside Conqueror's Hall missing - Fixed with Patch 4
      • Using your F spell while zoning can lock you up in a stasis after cluster change - Fixed with Patch 4

        Patchnotes for Patch 4 (Arcane and Frost Patch)

      • Several Spell Tooltips are displaying Wrongtags or have missing translations - Fixed with patch 5
      • Player has to wait 90s to loot the corpse of a partymember in lethal Hellgates - Fixed with patch 5

        Patchnotes for Patch 5

      • Uninterruptible spells can be interrupted by forced movement effects - Fixed with a Hotfix on August 26, 10:00 UTC

        Patchnotes for Hotfix #1 of patch 5

      • Crafting stations in the starter locations are colored wrong when pressing "n" - Fixed with patch 6
      • Faction Outposts sometimes allow other factions to capture it even though defended - Fixed with patch 6
      • when looting anything (except players) the wrong zone bonus is displayed, only the tooltip is displaying the right bonus - Fixed with patch 6
      • Cook and butcher NPC UI's are showing the tier levels in the wrong order - Fixed with patch 6

        Patchnotes for Patch 6

      • When Searching for a guild name, spaces can't be typed into the search bar - Fixed with a Hotfix on September 1

      • On crafting stations, in the "Change Fees" window, the "Associates" slider is not changed by moving the slider or using the "+ - " - Will be fixed with patch 7
        First Page in the recommendation is empty when going back to it - Will be fixed with patch 7
      • [Mobile] Cannot open "Minimum gathering tier" drop-down menu in the settings - Work in Progress
      • In Corrupted Dungeons, there is a spot where the mouse cursor indicates an exit, but you cannot leave them that way - Work in Progress
      • Loot in 20v20 matches can only be picked up by the party of the dying player for 2 minutes - Work in Progress
      • Items in a shared container cannot be sorted if one of the items is non-tradable - Work in Progress
      • Near PVP chests in the open world, players of the same faction are displayed as enemies - Work in Progress
      • Chromacannon and Eggsecutioner skins have a strange effect while casting the great axe's E spell "whirlwind" - Work in Progress
      • Thetford's passive ability shows a loca tag in the combat log - Work in Progress
      • The Kick button is shown in the guild stats of non-allied guilds but doesn't do anything - Work in Progress
      • Armor piercer deals magic damage but combat log says physical damage - Work in Progress
      • Thedford Cape chain lightning displays a wrong DPS value when used on training dummies - Work in Progress
      • The UI tells you that you already claimed the daily tome of insight although you did not - Work in Progress
      • Loot bags on the Royal Continent don't have 2 the minutes protection from other players - Work in Progress
      • Sometimes Rank Points are not updated in character stats and arena UI - Work in Progress
      • Farming: The herb depicted in the icon does not match the actual planted herb - Work in Progress
      • Victory emotes are displayed when committing suicide - Work in Progress
    • I have problem when installing the apk file on my mobile phone. Before this update it works fine without any problem. Does anyone have a solution to solve this problem? I like playing this game, but maybe my device doesn't.

      My Phone :
      Samsung Galaxy A02s - Android 11
      Snapdragon 450 (1.80 GHz)
      3568MB Total RAM - 51.97GB Internal Storage
      No SD Card
    • Hi, another bug here:

      Dummies are not calculating dmg properly.

      I used a Cursed Staff, Hellion Boots and Stalker Helm. The dmg didn't sum up for Death Curse on the dummies. I tried in the Arena and it seems like it does work in arena but it's hard to tell in the combat chat with so many players and things going on in a 5v5. So I think it's just the dummies not receiving dmg properly.
    • Bugs:

      I cant see the door that appears when clicking on portal if there is no charge, also cant see the timer when i hover over portal (portal= ava roads)

      The click box on portal is tooo big

      if i trade someone or view the map sometimes i get stuck. i can recall but i cant move or click on anything unless i log out and log back in again.

      Please fix these three bugs
    • I'm not REALLY sure if this has to do with the update, since I haven't seen anyone else experience this on chat, but ever since it dropped, my game randomly closes in the middle of maps at specific locations. Not sure how or why this is caused, but it caused me to die twice while carrying more than 500k on my inventory. I was also having this problem in the test server before the update, but I thought it would be fixed when it dropped. It happens kinda frequently, and everytime I get put on serious risk when my game closes. Please, if someone would be able to answer me about what is happening to my game, I'd appreciate it (this happens in all kinds of zones).
    • i guess they already know there is a server instability that crashes randomly on some people but not all is would not be so troublesome if this wasnt a full loot pvp game ... also if they change the full loot pvp to not full or not pvp the game will sie instantly...

      ISSUE: server goes offline too fequently these days after the update.