Dev Talk: Castle Changes and Dynamic Events

    • Dev Talk: Castle Changes and Dynamic Events

      Into the Fray, Albion's next major content update, arrives on June 8. In our last Dev Talk before the update goes live, Game Director Robin Henkys discusses the huge changes coming to Castles, the new Dynamic Events system, and Twitch Drops, which include Victory Emotes. Watch the video here:


      NOTE: This video includes subtitles for all our supported languages.

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    • Twitch Drops sound fun and happy to see the little vanity dude get some love, his shop was looking a bit... shit. I really hope they use this as a way to introduce semi-regular recolors, vanity options, etc as alluded to. UI improvements look dope and look forward to checking out the castles at some point. When it comes to future UI improvements, I wonder if they will ever rework the destiny board? I do find it kinda weird that they haven't used this opportunity when upgrading and reworking staffs to introduce a new one, to bring the number of weapon lines, in line with the Warrior Forge.

      As for Twitch drops, it would be kinda cool to have death emotes tied to the weapon used. Have a ghostly animation of the weapon similar to the ice hammer drop from the Fort Sterling Outpost Champion. A Hammer, Axe, Sword etc. It would also instantly show the killed player which weapon got em.
      Even a white rose has a black shadow.