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    • Into The Fray - Portal Towns

      Hey Albion Community,

      Here you will find everything you need to know about the new Portal Towns.

      Going adventuring in the Outlands presents numerous challenges and until now it was even harder for those who were based in a Royal city.
      These adventurers had to move long distances from the Marketplace to the Bank, to the Realmgate and finally into the Outlands, hoping that there were no Portal gankers waiting.

      To improve on all that, we are introducing the Portal Towns.

      After many years of using the Realmgates, the Royal Cities have expanded through the portals, creating a safe area around the portal structure.
      Within the safety of the Portal Town, adventurers can now find every shop and service provider they desire.

      • Marketplace that is identical to the Marketplace of the corresponding Royal City
      • Bank that is identical to the Bank of the corresponding Royal City
      • Repair Station
      • Artifact Foundry
      • Expedition Master
      • Energy Manipulator
      • Travel Planner

      Yet as many adventurers don’t want to spend their days within town walls but want to venture out into the world,
      we have included new and updated Invisibility Shrines at each of the many Portal Town exits.

      Using these shrines will provide 120 seconds of invisibility and immunity even after changing zones.
      While you are invisible you can not attack. If you interact with the world - looting, gathering, entering a dungeon, entering the Roads of Avalon, etc. - the invisibility and immunity will break and you will be silenced for a short period.

      Additionally, each Portal Town has at least seven exits, making it harder to predict from where adventurers might enter or leave the city.

      All in all this feature will provide a big QoL improvement for our city bound Outlanders and provide our beloved Portal gankers with new problems to solve.

      As always,
      Have a great day and stay safe.
    • The travel planner doesn't let you bring luggage anywhere, even the city or islands connected to the city that the realmgate belongs to. Is this intentional or a bug?
      That seems to only add inconvenience because otherwise it allows the portals to be hubs with everthing you need, but now in order to specifically to visit your island in that city you'll have to make an extra trip through the realmgate, city and go to a travel planner there.