Twitch Drops: What They Are and How They Work

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      Well, hell. Apparently you have to claim on Twitch! Either I missed that or it wasn't made very clear. I thought they just showed up in game. Never mind!
      You are right, it could be communicated more clearly as not everyone is used to Twitch drops. I'm glad you could sort it out and I've forwarded your feedback so the post can be updated.
      Thank you! I do appreciate it - yes, this was my first time with a Twitch drop. Luckily, the Twitch stream I was watching had a link to claim pop up in the chat, so that was helpful!
      We've added that bit of information to the original post now (even in red, so players can't miss it :) )

      G0000000 wrote:

      The item level in legendary chests is not guaranteed. I got all T4 items.

      IzHaN wrote:

      I did open the final reward chests (2 Legendary Chests) only have gotten 1xT5 Skin instead of the guaranteed 1xT5 Skin per chest, is this normal?
      Did both of you get the Sleeping Cap in the legendary chest by any chance?

      SubbyChevy wrote:

      Accounts are linked through twitch, have claimed all chests, but have nothing at all appearing in game. Have tried to unlink and re-link the account but still nothing. They should appear in mailbox right? Is it required that you have premium? as my has lapsed atm. TIA
      Once you earned a drop and claimed it on Twitch, you'll have to also claim it in-game (in the Claim Rewards window) before they are sent to your mail. You do not need Premium to claim the drops.

      Same as above, only t4 into the legendary chests... no sleeping cap neither....
    • Сначала привязал твич не к тому аккаунту, потом перепривязал, но не могу получить награду ничего не приходит. На том аккаунте награду не получал и вовсе не заходил т.к аккаунт был полностью пустой.
    • Hello, I am writing this message as I have a problem regarding drops, I have already logged in to page I have logged in with my Albion account then I have also logged in to my twitch account, I have completed 4 hours of stream to be able to claim 2 chests and when I go to the drops section and hit claim it does not tell me that, but connect and I have already linked my Albion account to twitch.
    • Hello... I linked my Albion account to twitch and the first four drops that I claimed appeared immediately in game but the fifth chest it's already been 2 hours since I claimed in twitch but there's no drop showing in game
    • The Twitch community treasure box has not received emails for a long time. When I try to disconnect the Twitch link and then restore the link, the Twitch app shows that it is not linked to the game, but the game account shows that Twitch has been linked and cannot be re-linked. At present, I hope that the normal link with Twitch can be restored and the Twitch community treasure box can be distributed in time, thank you.
    • The Twitch Drop Chests are too damn noisy with people spamming them like tomes.

      There have been complaints in the past about silver bags being too noisy when spammed. Eventually you listened and fixed it.
      There have been complaints in the past about tomes being too noisy when spammed. Eventually you listened and fixed it.
      Now we have these chests causing the same annoyingness. Why not have just made them silent from the start? You already know we as a player base don't want to listen to other people spamming this noise.

      Hate to be that guy. I realize it gives off the 'Grumpy Old Man' vibe, but I won't apologize for it. Same thing over and over with adding items that can spam noise.

      And no I won't mute my sound. Why should I or any of us? The rest of the game sounds make it fun to play. This noise spamming simply shouldn't exist.
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      is it normal that it takes some time that i get my chest in albion even if i already collected the chest in the twitch drops?
      It shouldn't take too long to arrive in Albion after claiming it in Twitch.Some players do not receive them after claiming though, which is an issue we are currently investigating. This is fixed.
      I claimed my first 2x common chests 5 hours ago and didnt received any mess ingame to claim them. The account is linked.
      Same to me, i didn't get any of reward unless the first one and the rest of it, it's not appear in my game