Farming in the islands with Mobile phone android need to change!

    • Farming in the islands with Mobile phone android need to change!

      I rent 300 plots of island from a player who has tons of island. And I want to be a farmer and potion maker with the herb I produce myself I have 2 characters to do the deeds. However planting herbs in the island is really a pain. PC players can plant their herbs and crops without walking a step if the plot is seen on the screen. I as mobile player on my android have to walk to every single plot and every single spot to plant my seeds. Imagine planting 2700 seeds everyday in 300 plots take me more than 6 hours a day. And PC player can plant in just 1 hours to 2 hours for 300 plots. Moreover my phone loading screen whenever I zone in into a new map/island is about 40 second with my redmi note 5 and everytime I plant I need to zone in into 70 islands. Only loading screen took me More than an hour.

      Please change the planting mechanism control in the island for android and loading screen for the android. I don't know about tabs, iphone or other device also has the same problem as me.
      Thank you for reading my rant and hope my wish come true

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    • I totally agree with that. Planting seeds on Island is very annoying ...
      It cool be nice to update that, with a target system as computer version.
      In the same order, placing building in island is sometimes complicated. Maybe as the crop, update that with a target system, with no need to move the character.

      To reply about the loading screen, I recently change my smartphone, and it took me like 2 sec for changing map to islands, and 3 to 4 in an open world map.
      So I can tell that it depends on your spec.

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