[RESOLVED] Extended Maintenance

    • Earlier in the game history, maybe the first year in, the game was constantly getting cyber attacked by Randsomers. The game would be super laggy when up and then down for 12 or so hours to fix the issues, and then back up for a little bit then down again. There was a huge wave of this for a while. And everyone was giving extra premium time, not just those who complained.

      They fixed it for a while after giving us premium days, then it happened again. They compensated us a second time (it may have happened a third time too, can't remember 100%). But we were talking about days down in total. Not hours.

      I can't put an exact number of what would be fair to compensate, but I also wouldn't grab a bunch of dates on random days that had long downtime and add them together to form that hypothetical number. So if I say "12 hours" you can grab 4 or 5 days the server was down and add them together and say "Ah ha! That is over 12 hours, so I'm right! Haha". No. The "bad times" the outages added up to days and it was in the same time period. Down 2 days in a 4 day period. They still were not obligated to make us whole but did it because it was good business to do so.
    • @Blenfjorn players were provided with 7 days of premium after the initial series of DDOS were resolved. Those ones occurred in the first month of two of launch as you pointed out. Three key reasons why SBI were willing to compensate its players:

      1. players actually had to buy the game to play it
      2. the game had just launched and needed a mechanism to encourage players to stay/return
      3. the servers were legitimately broken, thereby denying players opportunity to play the game.

      If people are complaining that maintenance is extended by an hour a two, so a content patch is updated (not yet released), well...you know the game is actually in a good state.