Pinned Into the Fray - Crystal Arena

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      Quagga wrote:

      90% of arena players do not know that each death is -6 points

      90% of arena players don't understand that to win you need 2 points, not 3

      90% of the players do not understand that fighting close to enemy tent is suicide

      90% of the players try to get the third point at all costs and lose the previous two.

      and matchmaking is a bitch :D

      Jerek wrote:

      For next season they should have 10 pre matches you do which will help determine your ranking. Right now it's almost impossible to progress without a full pre made team. When you do have pre made team then you wait forever... I personally think 5 mans belong only in leagues but that's just me.
      limit minimum 50 regular arena matches or fame limit, someone will make some trash YT video "free arena fame" and all noobs with 0 fame will immediately start queue with trash builds.AND the experts "there is IP CAP after all!" 8.3 mp full spec vs 0 spec 6.1 lmao

      limit 50m total fame or 25m pvp fame. it's a ranking after all.

      Cancer content, but it has its charms. :thumbsup:
      I'm all for a pvp fame requirement because in many games ranked pvp requires a certain level etc before you can participate. Until you are ready that's what unranked is for. Hopefully over the coming months we'll see some adjustments because it can be an extremely fun game mode.
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