Verification email never arrives

    • Verification email never arrives

      I played albion 2 years ago via steam, but had to stop due to problems with my pc. Now I want to get back but i have installed the game on steam once more and when the game starts it asks for a code sent to email because im on another device. I have checked my 3 emails already and tried many times along the day and these emails never arrives. Pls help
    • Hi @Naevaen,

      Sorry to hear that you're having some account issues.

      Please reach out from the original account's email address and the Support Team will be able to assist you with any account related issues :)

      ( @Dero - pinging you on this topic as I'm seeing this bug reported multiple times by different players throughout the month and thought you might want to look into it on the Web side )

      ~ Friendly Neighborhood Wizard

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