Why Elder's Bow of Badon e key with Elder's Mercenary Jacket r key can't draw blood?

    • Why Elder's Bow of Badon e key with Elder's Mercenary Jacket r key can't draw blood?

      Why Elder's Bow of Badon e key with Elder's Mercenary Jacket r key can't draw blood? Elder's Boltcasterse e key with Elder's Mercenary Jacket r key can draw blood
      This is unfair, can the developers improve it?
      I know Elder's Mercenary Jacket r key is for ranged weapons but
      You're unfair to some bow players and others
      When my friends and I are fighting monsters, I always like to pull a group of monsters because it is very efficient.

      But I found out they can use Master's Hellion Jacket
      Hit a bunch of monsters to get blood back, but I can only rely on attack speed to beat a monster and slowly suck blood, it's too unfair

      As a result, a bunch of players who fight monsters and practice exercises have become close-range occupations and long-distance occupations wearing Master's Hellion Jacket
      So what's the point of your Elder's Mercenary Jacket?
      Your system does not separate the skill parameters into pve and pvp, the common and damage are different, so some players really don’t understand what the game team is doing Teachers will blindly listen to players' complaints and keep changing them. I sincerely suggest that this major revision divides weapon skill parameters into pve-specific and pvp
      That way no one will complain
      Because there are 5 major types of pve pvp farmers in this game, making and collecting
      Can't you run away from the pve lover group?

      為什巴頓弓的雷電箭矢aoe+雇傭兵外套 不能靠打群怪吸血
      可是雙手霹靂連奴卻能 這很不公平
      導致雇傭兵沒人要穿它 因為被你們改爛了 滿街都是近戰喧囂在打怪
      請遊戲開發人員 重視pve玩家生存空間 雖我熱愛pve pvp模式
      但我覺得 你們這樣亂改 只會導致更多人不想玩這遊戲
      你自己想 巴頓弓e技能秒數這麼短 還是固定的aoe技能還不能用他回血 你是想讓 穿雇傭兵遠程玩家自己玩死自己嗎 讓你好回收遊戲畢高一點
      我知道等等又有腦殘玩家要抱怨 就是舊版本 太過於強大才被削弱的 但他們真的有專心玩過此遊戲嗎
      他們只是想讓 一些有錢玩家不在有錢 但實際上 用他們的玩家你有考慮過他們的使用心得嗎
      你們只會盲目聽從 玩家抱怨 但你們有相對應的政策嗎 而不是一直刻意針對該裝備不平衡就削弱
      你應該要給其他弱勢的武器或裝備增加技能 來彌補 而不是改弱他就視而不見

      Why can't the lightning arrow aoe + mercenary coat of Shebaton bow suck blood by fighting monsters

      But the two-handed Perak can do it. It's not fair.

      As a result, no one wants to wear it for mercenaries, because it was changed by you. The streets are full of melee battles and monsters.

      This is putting the cart before the horse

      Please game developers pay attention to the living space of pve players, although I love pve pvp mode

      But I think you're messing around like this will only lead to more people not wanting to play the game

      You should divide some weapons and equipment skills and damage into pve-specific and pvp

      Do you think that the seconds of Patton's bow e skill is so short, or the fixed aoe skill can't use him to restore blood. Do you want the long-range players wearing mercenaries to kill themselves? Let you recycle the game a little higher.

      I know there's another brainless player to complain about, it's the old version that was nerfed because it was too powerful, but did they really pay attention to this game?

      They just want some rich players who are not rich but actually use their players have you considered their experience?

      You will only blindly listen to players' complaints, but do you have a corresponding policy instead of always deliberately weakening the equipment's imbalance

      You should add skills to other weak weapons or equipment to make up for it, instead of weakening him and turning a blind eye

      Otherwise this game will be as bad as shit

      為了證明 我沒有刻意對哪個裝備 喜好 所以我兩套都有
      In order to prove that I don't have a preference for which equipment, so I have both sets

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    • So ....
      What If ....
      They rework Mercenary Jacket to
      R restore 3% losing hp every second , over 6s ....

      At the moment I think a lot of people will complain it. Because have some of weapons have crazy mobility.



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    • But this does not affect PVP
      Will the player stand still and call you like a PC AI BOT?
      The answer is no, they'll dodge. Can you accurately predict if you hit him?
      judgments and perceptions
      Impossible, there will be a group of players standing there for you to use AOE skills to suck blood for you, even monsters will run away because of hatred, not to mention players
      難道玩家會跟PC AI BOT一樣 站在原地不動給你打嗎
      答案是不可能 他們會閃躲 你能不能準確預判射中他也有一定的
      不可能 會有一群玩家 給你站在原地用AOE技能給你吸血吧 連怪物都會因為仇恨值亂跑了 更何況玩家

      嚴重懷疑當初 想惡意削弱雇傭兵外套的玩家 是不爽遠程玩家 才故意針對該裝備抱怨
      然後我們開發者的頭腦就跟 小孩一樣
      盲目聽從 盲目削弱該裝備
      Seriously suspect that the player who wanted to maliciously weaken the mercenary jacket was an unhappy remote player who deliberately complained about the equipment

      Then our developers' minds are like children's

      Blindly Obey Blindly weaken this equipment

      看了中文頻道 他們怕得罪中國玩家
      因為開發者永遠只盲目聽從 有影響力的玩家或族群
      As long as one player will lead the wind
      A group of players is starting to make sense
      Developers listen blindly like children
      I have this opinion because I have many times
      After watching the Chinese channel, they are afraid of offending Chinese players
      So Chinese channel administrators choose Chinese players
      The voices of democracies near China have been ignored
      Because developers will always blindly listen to influential players or groups
      without independent thinking

      我可以很老實的跟開發者講你在沒獨立思考 跟小孩一樣盲從 你將會損失一大票PVE玩家
      因為你總是把一些喜愛PVE的辛苦玩家 給趕跑
      I can honestly tell the developers that you are not thinking independently, follow blindly like a child, you will lose a lot of PVE players
      Because you always drive away some hard-working players who love PVE
      Because you always like to listen to the voice of the PVP players
      But PVE will never interfere with PVP
      You don't want to divide the skills of weapons and equipment into what are the functions for the monsters and what are the functions for the players?
      像這把武器 他就有分PVE OR PVP

      Some gear does a good job
      Why not emulate them all or apply them all?
      Because it makes you lazy?
      Like this weapon, he has points PVE OR PVP


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    • It was a change to stop badon merc jacket combo in corrupted dungeon

      it was too strong on dot builds like curse and fire as well

      it heal way to fast
      Embrace the Risk Vs Reward. Do not deny it
      For it will only bring you pain


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