The FOV/zoom out is still much smaller on iPad/all devices and monitors with certain aspect ratios (for example 4:3)

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    • The FOV/zoom out is still much smaller on iPad/all devices and monitors with certain aspect ratios (for example 4:3)

      Fellow players, dear producers,

      I want to adress a big issue here that seemingly only few are interested in and I really don‘t understand how on earth an unfair advantage/disadvantage like this can still be such a widely accepted thing.

      I‘m talking about the difference in Field Of View/zoom between devices and monitors at certain aspect ratios. The difference is in fact so big that you feel almost blindfolded once you have played on a wider, more narrow screen ratio like most mobile phones or 3440x1400 (or such) monitor resolution for example.

      This results in massive sight advantages at the left and right side of the screen for everyone playing the game in one of the „favored“ ratios.

      It is a mistery to me how such an obvious, fundamental issue that directly influences gameplay and balance is not solved in a game like Albion Online.

      Don‘t get me wrong, I don’t want the increased FOV to get disabled or banned, I actually think the game feels and looks so much better that way! But the fact that there is no option for everyone to decide how one wants to play, and that this wider FOV simply is not available at all on some devices and monitors (for example on iPad etc.), is just a huuuge bummer to me and probably most of the players if they where aware of this issue.

      So my suggestion would be to give players an ingame option to switch between ratios/FOVs. On devices/monitors that don‘t natively support both options, make it so the game „forces“ the chosen resolution in letterbox.

      Edit: I guess „zoom out“ is inaccurate and only field of view is affected, I will leave it as it is tho.

      Direct comparison of different FOV:

      JuicyShrooms wrote:

      Fuhcew2 wrote:

      Before the Lands Awakened update I used to run a Rooted Galaxy Note 8 that I could change the FOV.
      Nameplates appearing aren't affected by the FOV.
      I haven't done extensive testing or anything but I'll be honest, I haven't noticed any difference.
      If it's that big a deal for you I understand but I don't see a lot of development time going into soon.
      Mobile has been getting less and less love so don't hold your breath.
      Ok. So AT LEAST nameplates aren‘t affected.It does make a big difference tho, look at this thread:…ches-on-each-side-of-the/

      In it, you will find a FOV comparison:

      Tranzient wrote:

      Here below is the game running with my graphics settings set to a resolution of 1920 x 1080 - a 16:9 ratio.

      Here is the game running under a 2560x1080 resolution. A 21:9 ratio.

      This is using no extra software but the built in video card resolution settings.

      There is CLEARLY a huge difference. I just want to make sure it's ok to use the 21:9 ratio or not.
      As you can see, the difference is quite huge for a game like Albion where seeing something or someone earlier on your screen than others immediately means a substantial advantage in multiple ways.
      Also, if you are used to playing on a wider FOV, switching devices and being forced to play with smaller FOV makes you feel almost claustrophobic.
      I am not even sure if you can legally achieve an even wider FOV than in this comparison btw.

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    • VseOtlichno wrote:

      JuicyShrooms wrote:

      Noone finds this important? Bump btw
      This topic has been raised many times already. The developers made it clear that the function can be used without consequences for yourself.
      Yea I know that it is allowed to use. But thats not the point.
      The point of my post is to highlight that it is unfair and simply annoying that not everyone on all devices (iPad for example) can freely decide to use the wider FOV or not. And to ask for a solution to that.