gathering tomes

    • gathering tomes

      sadly I spent 1 and 1/2 years leveling my gathering and now some people can level their gathering in 19 minutes with the new tomes. They will use tomes on their bots (does sbi own all the bots?).

      I've supported this game with buying premium and gold.

      And this is how I get repaid?

      I think most things you do in this game are to support your own best interest,

      i think 10.00 a hour is fair wage. How about you refund me for the hours I wasted playing this game. Roughly 5700 hours.

      John Natus

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    • Gathering tomes are a benefit to gatherers. Full stop.

      You need to actually gather to get them. The drop rate is low. People will overpay for easy fame.

      As Fusion has said, the old "It was harder for me! So I want it to stay that hard!" thing, no one cares. The goal of existence isn't to live in perpetual normalcy. There are going to be changes and, generally, those changes will make it easier to do things in the future.
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    • for the change I don't even like it, it's not about the time spent etc... but the hideouts for that alts and soon added teleport.... open world can't handle it, we will get even bigger ride simulator than we have now... 30-1h sometimes you can ride all over BZ and not find 1 T8 node... ehh

      it will be a temporary profit while there will be a deficit of tomes, half a year when those who are supposed to hit the max spec will hit it and start sucking up raw materials that are already lacking in BZ. and the difference between 0 spec and 100 spec is HUGE.

      I think that SBI will monitor gathering after tomes are implemented and react if needed.

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    • Midgard wrote:

      Piddle wrote:

      You need to actually gather to get them
      you dont. Theyre tradable
      What piddle is referring to is the fact that they HAVE to be gathered by people gathering and they are on a very low drop table. Even lower than combat tomes. Took me 4 hours gathering T5 on test server to get 2 books. They will be overpriced and dont even think about how rare and pricy the T7-8 tomes will be... Go play test server lol
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