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    • Into the Fray - Gathering Tomes

      Greetings Adventurers,

      With this post I want to introduce to you the new Gathering Tomes coming with the Into the Fray update.

      These Tomes are intended to alleviate some of the grind Gatherers face, as well as giving the same Gatherers an additional reward that can be found to liven up the monotone gathering process.
      They come in a variety of forms and colors - one for each combination of Tier (4 and above) and Resource Type.

      Familiar but different

      Gathering Tomes are in many aspects like tradeable Tomes of Insight.
      They can be used from the inventory and are freely tradable on the Marketplace.
      They also come with their own Shop Subcategory, so Tomes of Insight aren’t alone there anymore.

      Unlike Tomes of Insight, Gathering Tomes always attribute their fame to the specific Mastery Node which is associated with the same Tier and Resource Type as the tTome, regardless of what the user is wearing.
      • E.g. a Master Ore Miner Tome (T5 Ore Tome) gives Fame only to the Master Ore Miner Destiny Board Node (unlocks T5 Ore Gathering Gear).

      Gathering Tomes need to be unlocked on the Desitinyboard before they can be used.
      Each Tome is unlocked by the Gathering Node one Tier below the Tier of the Book.
      This prevents the use of a Tome before you can actually gain fame in the associated Destiny Board Node.
      • E.g. a Master Ore Miner Tome (T5 Ore Tome) is unlocked by the Adept Ore Miner Destiny Board Node (unlocks T4 Ore Gather Gear)
      They also cannot be used after you have reached the max Mastery Level in the corresponding Destiny Board Node.

      Where to find them

      Gathering Tomes can drop as additional loot when gathering any kind of resource. They will always be of the same Tier and Resource Type as resources gathered (regardless of enchantment level).
      • E.g. Titanium Ore (T5 Ore) can only drop a Master Ore Miner Tome (T5 Ore Tome)
      The drop chances are affected by any kind of gathering yield modifier (equipment, pie, events etc.).
      • E.g. If I have a +100% gathering yield modifier I double my chances of finding a Gathering Tome


      The drop chances are balanced to be consistent per resource gathered and are the same for each resource type.
      This means that there is no difference gathering from a normal node, resource mob or aspect.
      The enchantment state of a resource has no impact on the drop rate.

      Generally the drop chances for Gathering Tomes are very low.
      We want to make sure that when you find one it's guaranteed to be valuable.
      And, while we do want to alleviate the grind a bit, we do not want to make leveling up gathering professions trivial.
      We'll continue to monitor the price development of these tomes to make sure the integrity of gathering progression is maintained.

      The Fame is consistent for each resource type.