how about premium plus, what do you think, any idea?

    • how about premium plus, what do you think, any idea?

      how about having some premium plus options that has more focus per day rate?
      if i don't make mistake it can reduce the number of alts for people who use like 200K+ focus per 3 days.
      SBI you can put a price and get more silver per extra focus (maybe because its plus ?!) and In return, they will have more time for themselves, because of not switching between alts, so in some cases(just some cases....) it gives a higher level of well-being. like some instead of having 3-4 active alts, they can have 1-2 actives.

      but u should be careful because always there are people like use 300K+ focus now then after this they will use +500K? with all the alts they had, they are a little addicted to conquest not more time well-being.
      think about it thanks

      guys if u have any idea be free to tell thanks.
      sorry if i made mistakes iam not a English speaking person.
      Morgan, The one who wished to not die on earth
    • what i really want to see is focus restored by doing real activities and not auto 10k daily, i pretty sure those 10 alts gamers never pay premium with real money, so they don`t affect company profit.
      premium crafting is in weird state rn, RR in HOs is insane and excellent quality chance 50%
    • to be fair we have an interesting idea here. what u just said now, maybe was one of the best ways & simplest one to do that destroys crafting empire.

      but be careful about it because it has consequences, like it seems at the end, the amount of focus he has is less that normal rate, And normally if the people who produce the product have morals, then the price of the product will definitely be lower than others. In some cases it is seen that in some cases it is not, they sometimes sacrifice a healthy market for more profit.
      They are the ones who produce cheap goods and with this idea, the amount of cheap production decreases and it can be said that the prices in the market increase.

      about HO its a little weird situation ye true and there is something else and it is : many of those who really effect market are not part of "being a guild member", a little solo type they are even when they are in.
      Morgan, The one who wished to not die on earth
    • Not a huge fan of "rich get richer" mechanics.

      This is just a case of "the more resources you have now, the more you can gain". I'd prefer @bucka158 suggestion as it makes focus worth more. It could even not require that much work for anyone who only plays 1-2 characters. Like, just make it very casual play that restores it, but it becomes a lot if you're overdoing it.

      The idea of having more focus is just an inverse of actually skilling up a character to use less focus.