The Mistake your about to make, in reguards to Arena

    • The Mistake your about to make, in reguards to Arena

      So, your about to change Arena to be just like Crystal League....

      I get why your doing it, Arena is the most played activity in the game, Crystal League is the least played thing in the game.
      The reason for both is SBI's inability to recognize why it is this way. The reason, why Arena is the most played activity is 1. the ability to get into a match quickly. also 2. low costs of playing the activity. The reason Crystal League is the Least played activity in the game is this (the major reason) 1. Making it inaccessible to almost everybody in the game, (lesser reason) 2. Costs of Gear replacement. By gating the activity into a very narrow window to play it you limit 99% of the population from participating. (for me the times are 6 AM, 2 PM, and 9 PM at night). the Oceanic time (6AM) I am asleep, 2 pm I am at work, 9 PM I can play, however getting 4 other people who can play at this one specific time is very very difficult. The reason I suspect you do this, is to make it appear "Elite". So you have maybe 100 players who Participate in Crystal League. while Arena about 30k a week play Arena.

      So NOW, you have decided to make Arena just like Crystal League, in hopes of Gaining players in Crystal League. BUT in your apparent short, shortsightedness, you cannot seem to grasp, that the reason Crystal league doesn't have any participants is because you Gate it behind an extremely narrow window to participate. Are you changing this when you change Arena?


      Thus you may gain a few more players, but it will always be underwhelming, with a lack of participation, because you cannot seem to understand, that people have lives to live and cannot (most of us) fit into this narrow window of opportunity to play Crystal League


      Crystal League:
      *Make it so you can Que for crystal league anytime (like arena)
      * Allow for random crystal league matches ( LIKE ARENA)

      You should have attached Arena to Factions, Given us 5 new maps (one for each city), plus the normal Arena match for championship matches at the end of the season.
      This would have made Arena much more fun to play, made it individualistic from Crystal League, and provided even more content for players.

      Instead, you took the lazy way and just made it to match Crystal League, Thus showing once again, SBI's lack of Imagination. I've played this game over 4 years now, and I have 4 years worth of examples of how Lazy and uninspired half of your changes have been. Every single time SBI chooses to take the path of least amount of imagination/story telling... All you do is create the stage, you can never be bothered to create the story/content, that is left up to us. I wish you were better at your Jobs. I really don't have much hope that this will ever change. Just tell us how great your changes are going to be, then half-Ass it just like you have always done!
    • Lockemup wrote:

      isnt the crystal arena que-able at anytime?
      Yes, crystal league arena will be queable. but the point im making here is that Crystal League will still be only queable at 3 specific times a day, which doesn't make it more elite. Just makes it harder to get 5 people who can play this game at those specific times. So making arena just like crystal league will not change (mostly) the number of people who participate in actual crystal league. Because people will still not be able to show up at those 3 specific hours a day.
    • CallMeGosu wrote:

      "Arena is the most played activity in the game" had to stop reading the post here XD
      Yep after he said that I realize he clearly has no idea what he's talking about. Most played activity in the game is probably fame farming....not arena since we all need to level up our armor and weapons in the first place to even stand a chance in this game.

      So they make arena more accessible overall and even add in a non lethal league and you're saying that's lazy? Yep you're an idiot that can't read because "in your apparent short, shortsightedness" you forgot the part where it says the crystal arena can be queued from 1-5 players at ANY TIME. You're getting the crystal arena confused with the crystal leagues... Why make arena faction based? That doesn't make any sense at all... You want to fight other faction players go out into the open world and find them...

      Crystal League timers are probably set up like that so teams aren't waiting several minutes to an hour for a match. Crystal Arena was set up to get ppl playing it and make them want to go further up the competitive scene by doing non lethal / lethal leagues. Before Crystal League there was 5v5 GvG teams. Those were just as elite (if not more) then the current league teams are...
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    • The way i see it is that the new Crystal arena is similar to league of legends Solo Rank Que

      even the reward system nomatter how little it is. is very similar to current day league of legends where at the end of the day you boast your "Rank"

      then there is crystal league which they split into non lethal and lethal
      I see them as Premade Rank Que or something similar to Pro League
      where you fight for increasing Rewards as your TOKEN gets higher

      This season Crystal league has been HIGHLY profitable.
      I could not join because i did not had a premade team but from my old guild mates that main this content its a very profitable content as long as you win
      i heard its along the lines of 100 mil profit in 30 days with 70% win rate

      when i was doing 20v20 and get No shows it was a profitable 1 mil - 2mil a day mainly from silver and item drops
      i can only imagine the profits when you win in 5v5 at high Token levels
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