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    • Into the Fray - Dynamic Events

      Hey Albion!

      Today I’d like to talk about a feature coming with the Into the Fray update: Dynamic Events!

      Activity Events

      Activity Events add temporary bonuses to random features throughout the game including:
      • Open World Enemies
      • Solo Dungeons
      • Group and Raid Dungeons
      • Static Dungeons/Homebases
      • Faction Warfare
      • Corrupted Dungeons
      • Hellgates
      • All five types of traditional resource Gathering
      • Fishing (currently only yield, but will add fame by Patch #2)
      These events are randomized so once the system goes live it’ll draw from this pool as it sees fit, but there are some rules to it: When a specific event is chosen it goes on cooldown so it can’t repeat, and Gathering events put their entire category on cooldown so these will never chain. The next event can be previewed when there’s less than 24 hours remaining on the current event.

      Daily Production Bonuses

      In addition to bonuses to everyday activities, new production bonuses are also available on a daily basis. These give slight bonuses to specific activities, and on certain (also random) days these bonuses can become more pronounced by giving double their normal bonus.

      Activities UI

      These events are now worked into a new UI that’s shown on login by default, but can be disabled from showing automatically in settings. This screen also shows your progress toward all Personal Challenges (i.e. the Adventurer’s Challenge, the Faction Campaign, and the Conqueror’s Challenge).

      Into the F…uture?

      We hope that this feature helps shake up daily activities, encourages some players to try out new features they haven’t yet, and helps focus activity in features that benefit from that focused activity. However! With the Into the Fray update this provides a baseline foundation for the feature, and we intend on expanding on both the UI and the system itself in the future.

      In patches and updates to come you can expect to see extensions of the UI that integrate Planned Events into the Activities overview. We’ll also be adding events for as-of-yet unreleased features and to provide very rare events on a shorter duration that are of extremely high value. We hope to add another level of excitement with these rare events, and look forward to seeing how they’re received when the time comes.

      Feel free to leave feedback below, and we hope to see you in game!

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    • I have a question about daily production bonus.

      Today, when i have an guild's island in a city, we have a lower return% than if we craft in a city. Will the daily bonus will applied to guild's crafting house ?
      Considering the daily bonus will overwhelm the production capacity in cities, guild's island can be a way to be able to produce with less %return.

      I hope my question is understandable !
    • what the point of add faction warfare lv in to this ui? not better put the daly faction point bonus ? becouse the faction lv is samething in long progres.. and u dont need watch it normaly. but the daly bonus point its daly.?

      its looks like ok but its fully uselles information in it..and missing usefull imformation.. like daly bonus in the adventure chanllege. daly bonus of faction warfame.
    • I think this system is a great start and you've built a solid framework for future content. This is overall the best thing added this patch.
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