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      Dancing Naked in the BZ

      I made a little journey last night for the first time on my own and although I was very anxious, it was so much fun!

      I have been going into the BZ with guild friends and last night decided to see if I could make the journey on my own. I put on my Transport Set, used the Fort Sterling portal in the Conqueror's Hall, and headed North. I picked up everything from my chest tab in Dryvein Oasis, then from there headed to Arthur's Rest. Once there, I sold what I could with a profit and headed to Springsump Melt to retrieve the rest of my items from the chest there. While I was retrieving things in Springsump Melt, a guy on an armored horse came over and inspected me. I dumped all my stuff back into the chest and over the next 15 minutes, he kept coming back and checking me out. I figured he would eventually get bored, so I used the "dance" emote and danced without armor or a mount next to the chest. A few minutes later, five guys came rushing into the bank area and all started attacking me, killing me almost immediately. I was laughing so hard! They sent five armored guys out to attack a naked girl at the chest.. *laughing hysterically*

      So, I will need to make another trip to Springsump Melt to retrieve all my items, but it made my night to watch everything unfold. Here's to more exploration and bravery adventuring out into the dangerous BZ on my own! Cheers!

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