Crystal Arena / Non Lethal Crystal League

    • Crystal Arena / Non Lethal Crystal League

      First just wanted to say thank youuuu for adding something like this, huge fan of 5v5 type combat in this game. Had couple questions from notes:

      Crystal Arena -
      • Players can sign up with a party of 1, 2, 3, or 5 members and will be merged into teams of five when the match starts
      Does this work like current arena, where if you que as 1, 2 or 3 you will only face other 1,2 or 3 groups and never 5 man groups, which only face other 5 man groups? Hope so as there is a huge dif in game feel trying to hobble together a winning strat with randoms vs playing in a 5 man premade, and i actually prefer playing with randoms most of the time (masochistic maybe /shrug), but playing with randoms against 5 man premades would be horrible.

      For non lethal crystal league, why not add option to que as 1 2 or 3 man group for the low level (level 1-3) type matches - think you would see a massive increase in players using crystal league if you added this option. As with arena, they should only face other 1, 2 and 3 man groups if que via this option. Super competitive / high level crystal league matches should remain premade only IMO though.

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    • I'm just happy to see new arena related activities because so many players don't do that content because it's extremely hard to get into properly. You gotta have good economy for one, a good group of players who stick by you through win or loss (many don't btw) and just overall dealing with highly toxic, sweaty ass, neckbeard tryhards. That last part is why many ppl don't even bother doing them. At least non lethal will be less sweaty...there obviously will still be those tryhard losers talking crap in non lethal, but there won't be as many.
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    • They should have attached Arena to Factions, given us a new map for every city, and differentiated Arena from Crystal League. Instead they took the path of least amount of thinking and Coding. While Crstyal League currently has about 200 people play it a day, Arena has 10,000+ people play it a day. So, sure; why not kill the Baby and keep the Bath water...