Balance Changes - Into The Fray

    • Nature Staff W1 take damage will end channeling, so even enemy don't have any C.C or interrupt ability, just click norma attack will interrupt Nature W1 channeling.

      If you want channeling in front of enemy you need use Cleric Robe , 1.5s get damage to immune 3s damage ,when you are activating immune damage ,you need hope your enemy don't have purge . normally people will use sprint to run far from enemy and channeling W1 , but they will try to chase you and interrupt your channeling with Normal attack.

      I just sharing my own experience and idea. Everything can be ,but also have a lot of unpredictable will be in fight . So everything will base own your gear set and enemy gear set and your internet connection and your situation. And I believe SBI will do adjustment after launching.

      So now i will use W3 PoN+ rejuvenation Sprint to restore Hp or mercenary jacket + W3 PoN . If I want run and hit maybe will use 1 h nature root enemy and run far for W1 . Even W 1 have 7s Cd ,but we need use others ability to run far from enemy or root enemy or immune damage from enemy ,so you can't use W1 in solo fight anywhere anytime.

      Blight Staff have 15% movement speed buff ,not too fast ,if have enemy weapons have great ability can easy chase you . In channeling you can't do any attack on your enemy , even Blight Staff have immune interrupt, immune forced moving ,but Blight Staff will get root and slow ,so have a lot of ability can stop Blight Staff run . If you see Blight Staff run super fast because he's sprint before Es

      In new cd have 30 % reduce healing so healer use Es or Ws will reduce 30% healing effect, maybe in same IP DPS will easy over HPS. But I believe SBI will do adjustment After laughing.
    • Corrupted Dungeons
      With the overhauled Magic Staffs, we want to make solo Healers feel more powerful again. But we also don’t want out sustaining strategies to dominate Corrupted Dungeons.
      • Healing Reduction inside Corrupted Dungeons: 20% -> 30%

      this change only will nerf mercenary jacket.. the holy damage q not worth for nothing and the low dmg of nature that need basic to do dmg its posily to be avaible but why nerf to healer has to affect mercenary jacket?
    • Retroman wrote:

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      Glaive has consistently been very strong in 5v5 Crystal League, due to its threatening kidnap potential and high sustain damage. To make it less oppressive, the Fling distance has been adjusted and the cooldown of Harpoon increased. This change on the Q and W abilities doesn't affect other spear lines' base gameplay as much as other changes would (e.g. reducing Q damage).
      • Harpoon (all Spears):
        • Cooldown: 15s → 20s
      i undestad u want to nerf glaive con crystal league but with that u will nerf all spears againts all rangue clases mostly frost and bows. Its a need to make 20s cooldown the harpoon?