What makes you like Albion?

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    • Primarily the overall economic/high level systems design:

      - MOBA combat > "standard" MMO combat
      - How the item tiers/quality/enchants crafting is setup.
      - The best market in any MMO I've played (any game without buy orders = no thanks) + black market.
      - Each city having a unique economy and crafting/refining bonuses.
      - Gathering is fun to chill out to.
      - The great economic impact of ganks/item trashing.

      My only major gripe with Albion is the prevalence of Xv1 content and just how much groups ganking solo players is seen as peak "content". I've done more than my share of raid content in past MMOs + work in a client serving job IRL so I'm kind of burnt out on hearing people talk = no interest in sitting on discord while playing. No issue whatsoever with being excluded from higher value group content, and appreciate ZvZ's role in the game from a broader perspective. It's more solo players constantly being Xv1 prey while just doing low-value solo content. Not sure the devs could (or even should) ever do anything about this directly as it would adversely impact the economy. In a sandbox game there's always going to be folks who get off on the easy ego trips of taking out solos with friends, whether it's profitable or not. Mists of Avalon will definitely be interesting for solos once they come out, however.

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    • Tbh... I am not a huge fan of the full loot pvp, but I ain't scared of playing it. I mainly play Albion for it's social demand, it requires a lot more social interaction than most games I play, and it's crucial for a housewife like me because being a housewife I don't get out much so it's nice to have a place where I can make friends and have people to talk to.