Did not count all the money from the items sell

    • Did not count all the money from the items sell

      Good afternoon. There were about 200 thousand silver in his pocket. A letter arrives that 96 arena signs have been sold for about 650 thousand. I rejoice. Then a message comes that the druid's mantle has been sold for about 350 thousand. I rejoice. I open inventory, and there are 750 thousand in total. I re-entered the game, ran to the market, looked, maybe it didn’t sell, but no. Help me please. Thank you!

      Arena signs sold at Lymhurst.

      Druid Robe Tier 5 Gold 3 Enchantments in Bridgewatch.

      This happened around 12:00 UTC.

      Character name - Esferos
    • No. I am implying that you received the money throughout the period from when you set the sell order up until you received the notification.

      You do receive it with every single sale you make, not all at once when you receive the mail. What usually happens is that you spend the silver you received and then it doesn't add up in the end anymore.
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