Account Lost / Stolen / Hacked

    • Account Lost / Stolen / Hacked

      Hi everyone,

      I was playing Albion last night around 4 AM Eastern time until finally felt asleep, went I woke up the server was in maintenance so I waited as a good person.

      But to my surprise and DISAPOINMENT went the server came online all my 3 accounts were gone and I got 3 accounts that were not mine different names back to the tutorial with names like insinuating that I was cheating.

      Has this happen to anyone? I lost even my premium, but they did manage to charge me for a renewal of premium even though they kill my account and will take few days to go ovr my ticket that I can not lay and my Premium is wasting away.

      Never have i seeing or encounter this in a game.

      I am about to stop playing this all together but want my current premium investment returned if this type of thing continues.

      Any Idea or suggestions.
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    • Hi @facelesshero,

      Unfortunately, the forums are not the right place for account support issues or questions.

      Please reach out to and include as much information possible in your ticket so the Support Team and review and investigate accordingly.

      I would also advise you to make sure the email account you used to create your Albion Online account is secured, uses a strong password, and additionally 2FA is a great option to enable for additional security.

      ~ Friendly Neighborhood Wizard
    • Thanks for the response I do have a ticket open but been a couple of days no response so I posted here see if someone had this happen to them and how long it took to resolved.

      3 days without able to play my premium is wasted. If this is something that happens often I will not play this game knowing this could happen at any moment.

      But thanks for taking the time to respond.
    • Since this topic is in general discussions and i'm very curious of what happened here, i'm just going to ask:

      Have you searched for Albion Online cheats and used same email address + password for Albion in these sites?

      Why do i ask? Getting "hacked" isn't something that randomly happens. Usually you either use your same login credentials on a lot of different sides and it leaked somewhere, or you used the credentials on a phishing website.

      Anyway, if you use this password anywhere else, i would recommend you asap to change it everywhere you use it + setup MFA where that's possible.

      facelesshero wrote:

      3 days without able to play my premium is wasted. If this is something that happens often I will not play this game knowing this could happen at any moment.
      I hope you realize this is not the games fault. I have been playing Albion since beta 1 and never got hacked. You probably clicked on a malicious link, downloaded something or filled in credentials on a phishing website.
    • To follow up on the above, Always make sure that the password for your email account is drastically different from the one you use to log in on your Albion account So ABC123 and ABC1234 is not good account security. One of the first things that someone who has acquired your account will do is try that same password to see what else it will unlock.
      Good luck and Good skill!
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