New Player

    • I am a new player to Albion... I'm so new that the download hasn't even completed yet... What tips do you have for new players who are starting right now? Please do not refer me to some old threads because updates change game mechani5 days in and I absolutely love this game, I have been looking for a f2p non auto-play MMORPG with an actual good grind reward system. It is awesome how much I have to grind to not only craft my gear but to be able to wear it and unlock further functions "spells/abilities" on it as well.
      I have been growing tired of how most MMORPG's these days gift you everything on a silver platter, and/or dumb down the game over time. I enjoy working for what I have and this game delivers fully in that aspect.

      Also I am aware that you are able to buy gear and that this in turn will fuel ones climb to end game content faster. However as I stated I enjoy the grind and will be taking my time to craft.
      After all this is not a racing game, so I will enjoy my journey albeit at a slow pace.

      cs in all games, especially the genre Albion is a part of. (MMORPG)
    • Welcome! I'm new as well but I'm a few days in. I have researched and seen so many guides so if you need insight about what to pursue first I highly recommend youtubers Leyvi and SwoleBenji for tutorials and general info if anything you can dm me or add me ingame.. user: TwitchFrndlyVick