Tips for new players?

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    • Tips for new players?

      I am a new player to Albion... I'm so new that the download hasn't even completed yet... What tips do you have for new players who are starting right now? Please do not refer me to some old threads because updates change game mechanics in all games, especially the genre Albion is a part of. (MMORPG)
    • I would recommend trying different kind of weapons and pick a weapon you like. Playing something you like always increases your fun.

      Do some solo dungeons or kill open world mobs, if possible in yellow zone because this will give slightly more fame+better possible loot. Can also try corrupted dungeons in blue zone for some no-risk pvp if you want to see what pvp can be like.

      Also do some gathering if that's something you enjoy. I would recommend selling resources and ignoring crafting at the start since getting a profit through crafting only really works with high spec.

      Another thing you can do for checking pvp is joining a faction Discord and join the faction fights.

      And of course, try to find a guild. A lot of the content in Albion is made for groups. They can also teach you more basics. But be carefull what kind of guild you join. Some guilds put their tax on 100% for example.
    • 1. Don't rush the game. Ignore the youtube videos and twitch streamers that tell you how to make billions in days. Those require you to have huge amounts of cash (or spend real money) and in game experience before you can even contemplate doing it.

      2. Don't worry about getting enough silver in 1st month to buy next premium. Spend the real money and buy 1st month if you like the game, it is worth it. It'll ruin your learning experience and force you into activities that are not conducive to new players. You will in time learn and be capable of self sustaining premium from in game content.

      3. Unlock all weapon and armour trees so you can use Tier 4/adept's gear. Play around and experiment with setups that suit your playstyle.

      4. Find people you like to play with (discords, albion recruitment forum etc). As Dhivine said, majority of content is geared towards group play. Plus you will learn from the group at the same time.

      Important to remember that people have been playing for years and are still learning the game.