Whispering Bow is overpowered

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    • Whispering Bow is overpowered

      How can there be a class like the Whispering Bow that completely overrides others? With a 1-handed spear and a royal jacket, I couldn't touch it? With a range of kilometers that does not allow resetting, is that balance?

      a trinity spear is game balance?

      useless weapons like bear paws and many more weapons is game balance?

      above the frost was already dead since the change of the E now you put a double nerf? With what criteria do you make decisions?

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    • Whispering bow is BALANCED it is super glass against that touch it during the E phase
      this may make it strong in solo due to bow's ability to put distance but its balanced over all

      trinity spear is a weapon with high skill base and high skill celing. it has an over the top over loaded E ment for team fights but do not see the light of day due to mobility meta
      in the open world

      bear paws is the defination of axes having Everything in their kit, mobility, aoe, true damage, Light CC
      it is either super good or super bad similar to spears because it is good in everthing that one nerf or buff can ruin the weapon and break it

      Frost? honestly frost is considered balanced in most cases because to reach DPS levels output by expert players you need the ping and skill to land said skill shots
      and most importantly sacrifice alot of defensives for offensive armors so dont know where it went wrong when in theory it should be balanced
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    • I don't know how long you've been playing but I've been playing for longer and I'm more famous than your insurance, so leave this matter to the elders.

      You have no idea what you are talking about if the previous classes seem balanced to you, it is impossible to kill something if with a real cheek and the mobility of the 1-handed spear I cannot even reset.

      There is no point in a weapon that is invincible from an E, 8.3 damage with a 4.2 and arc range.

      and bear paws in 1vs1 are useless if you don't look who uses bear paws? nobody only the rats that run to break, only the E of the spear or a helmet in push in use your E GGGGGGGGGG ^^ <3
    • I am a Reg bow main for solo play
      and i can tell you the truth if something is broken from bow's weapon line PoV

      i may be biased but i feel like melees are much stronger then any ranged weapon if they manage to get close to you and stick on you and land several autos

      when it comes to making space and poke range weapons have the superiority
      but if given the chance for any melee to brawl against a range weapon melees suppose to have advantage

      this is why reg bow is very strong because you cannot out duel a reg bow without purge
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      For it will only bring you pain


      Currently aiming for 120 on all Armors related to Morningstar Build
    • I have more than 1b of fame and I play everything, I know when something breaks, so whisper is something surreal, not only in corrupt 1vs1, but in open world, it can dismount and kill you much better than the ice before. It can even kill you without touching it if you're good.

      The ice is useless, the bear paws counter everything and the bows that hit and do not allow a reset and only you catch bats giving them more advantage is something that if I were the game director is enough to fire you
    • Whispering E can be strong yes. Badon and Whispering both have presence in top 20 rankings in Slayer. I still feel the only real broken thing with bow atm is multishot. Having a long range short cool down knock back on Q to pair with frost shot W is busted. They fix that Q and it would balance out these bows. Bows also need better Ws though. Bows ONLY ever use frost shot so that is a problem. Builds should be using variety of W skills.
    • I used to think whispering bow was OP so I used to use it. Until I found that I would consistently lose a 1v1 to normal bow. Now I use normal bow instead. Bow seems weak against swords and battle axe and bear paws from my point of view those weapons seem OP, but I know that they're not.

      This game's combat is very scissors, paper, rock so if you're finding another weapon OP it could just be because that weapon counters yours.

      Also bear paws useless? Are we even playing the same game? There's a reason that even T4 bear paws sells for over 100k. They're strong for PvE, PvP and 1vX.
    • dont mind Him hes just being backed into a coner because bows when played properly outpokes spears and bearpaws with its range and mobility

      badon before merc jacket rework was prime example of insane sustain with super long range poke
      that it would dominate any spear or bearpaws

      therefore after nerf to merc jacket and the shift to armor of valor badon has way more survivability
      while merc jacket use was moved into whispering because it can now be procced faster by whispering's E which hits in 2 parts

      In 1v1 situations its kina hard to judge how strong for a weapon because some weapons hard counter others
      there were some exceptions such as hallowfall, tombhammer, 1h mace,wildfire rework, which seen a nerf in the following patches down the line

      but talking about whispering bow. it was made to be a hyper long range single target weapon along side its hyper shread Dps Regular bow
      its immense range was basicaly its identity but it suffered from purge and lack of Dps among things before the rework

      therefore when SBI reworked whispering bow it was not as strong as it first appeared because of the -20% defences debuff but over time when meta shifted from things like wild fire to broadsword and trinity spear meta. whispering bow was able to use its insane range to out range all melee classes

      so if a melee is unable to close the distance and deal damage to the whispering bow when he had his E up. the melee would eat huge damage coming in and going out because of the screen wide range. along side peel from multi shot and mobility from frost shot it makes it so that melees have a hard time to reset
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      For it will only bring you pain


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    • I see that you are useless. The best players in the game will tell you that they always run away against bows. Due to the fact of running infinite and difficult to catch.

      It is true that you can kill a whisperer with the reflect (Only if he has a mental deficiency). But you can never switch to that W because he has infinite range and you can never reset.

      Because of people like you who write in a shitty forum always refusing to change. That they would continue in albion 1.0 is why this game nowadays is slowly dying.

      I hope you feel proud for killing this game
    • @Gacox chill abit
      what he said has some truth in stalker levels where players have not master what every ability do YET

      as for slayer levels the use of reflect is very common when spear players face my regular bow, warbow
      and when i am using whispering, badon they would use harpoon instead

      almost every spear user i meet always use either harpoon or impaler as first choice W
      so depending on which bow i am on they would use the best choice W to counter me assuming they are given the chance to reset.
      this is why bows when given the chance would not let you reset because when spears change the battle becomes twice as hard

      this versatility is kina strong because spears have best W for multiple scenarios so you cannot hard counter them
      spears even can use cripple which hard counter swords. there is no one ability where it completely destroys a build archtype
      reflect to deal with one shots
      and can even build one shot it self.

      this is so much more versatility than bows who have been forced into multi shot and frost shot combo for almost any pvp viable bow build
      Embrace the Risk Vs Reward. Do not deny it
      For it will only bring you pain


      Currently aiming for 120 on all Armors related to Morningstar Build
    • @Trial_hard

      i rarely see a trinity spear land their E as a stand alone skill
      they often have to combine it with harpoon or some other cc
      and thats not all trinity spear can do. it is also an iframe where it can dodge incoming hard hitting spells

      so pretty much Overloaded E which has high skill ceiling and low entry skill for those who simply use it to get the buff

      game play of auto attack and use Q is easy enough but what Q and W ability for spear to maximise their E is where the skill ceiling comes from
      Pike one shot, glaive CC, 1h spear kite play style or the overloaded E of trinity all has more outplay potential than a bow line

      this is compared to reg bow with space bar gameplay or the badon/warbow with run and E tactics

      Landing Long range skill shots is not the only way to express skill
      Embrace the Risk Vs Reward. Do not deny it
      For it will only bring you pain


      Currently aiming for 120 on all Armors related to Morningstar Build
    • make more better W and Q choices for bow line

      spears, sword and other melee weapons have interesting and powerful options

      bows should have choices where other W would be better
      and not explosive arrow vs frost shot
      Embrace the Risk Vs Reward. Do not deny it
      For it will only bring you pain


      Currently aiming for 120 on all Armors related to Morningstar Build