Steam achievement for "Quality AND Quantity" didn't unlock

    • Steam achievement for "Quality AND Quantity" didn't unlock

      • Description of the issue: Steam achievement for "Quality AND Quantity" doesn't unlock when conditions are met in the game.
      • Steps to reproduce: Reroll 999 items at the same time.
      • Result: The achievement unlocks in the game but not on Steam.
      • Expected result: The achievement unlocks both in-game and on Steam.
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    • Same thing happend to me, achievement unlocked in game without issue but not on steam, also have the same problem with "Dungeon Insider" achievement. It seems steam triggers for achievements could use some improvements but looking at the other threads with similiar issue, it looks like it havent been fixed since December 2021, so it's pretty unlikely that this bug will be fixed.
    • Hey there,

      We found an issue with Steam and the "Quality and Quantity" Achievement and this will be fixed.
      However we could not reproduce the issue with the "Dungeon Insider" Achievement, that unlocked just fine ingame and in Steam.

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