The Albion Online Moderator Team is recruiting!

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    • The Albion Online Moderator Team is recruiting!

      Good day, everyone!

      It is that time of year again when we reach out to you, to help the community and improve the player experience.

      We are looking for more Moderators for the following Languages:

      • English
      • Chinese
      • Korean
      • French
      • Polish
      • Russian
      • Turkish
      • German
      • Spanish
      • Portuguese
      • Any other languages would also be beneficial

      Those who wish to apply should also be able to speak sufficient English to ensure that we can communicate within the Moderator Team.

      We are looking for Forum Moderators as well as in-game Chat Moderators.

      Duties as a mod include, but are not limited to:
      • Chat moderation / Forum moderation
      • Helping out with beginner and general player questions
      • Translation of announcements to players where necessary
      • And being a positive pillar of the community!

      If you are interested and think you have what it takes, please send an email over to including as a minimum template, the following info:

      • Character name
      • Discord tag
      • Age
      • Languages you speak
      • Are you playing on a PC or Mobile Device?
      • When you joined the community and how long you have been playing Albion Online
      • Average weekly playtime
      • Why you would like to join the Moderation Team
      • Previous moderation experience and duration of that experience (advantageous but not required)
      • Any other experience you feel will be beneficial for this role

      Disclaimer: We might not answer all applications if there are a lot of applications coming in. If you don't hear back from us, feel free to apply again at another point in time.

      Another Disclaimer: Unfortunately it is currently not possible to moderate the in-game chat through a mobile device. In order to be considered you must play on a PC.

      Your Application must be sent in English in order to be considered!

      Feel free to send us an e-mail should you have any further questions. We hope to see your applications soon!

      Nesnes & Mod Team
    • Sounds like a great opportunity and unique experience, I've gone ahead and applied.

      Additionally, it feels like we certainly need more in-game moderation due to the influx of RMT & Phishing advertising bots that have begun to plague common areas in Albion like banks and markets in major cities which sometimes go untouched for hours at a time, even with multiple reports; until a GM is available to review the report and sanction the account accordingly. These type of advertising bots are extremely detrimental to the community and also pose a major security risk to uninformed or curious players.

      I noticed you are specifically looking for non-English languages, while I am sure we need additional language support, I feel like we need a handful of additional English moderators to specifically combat these advertising bots in-game and help support the community as a whole.

      ~ Friendly Neighborhood Wizard

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    • Hi! Thanks for pointing that out.

      I didn't mean to exclude English-speaking players from this announcement, sorry for the confusion. It was more about "these are the languages we need more of".

      In theory, all the moderators that apply should speak at least enough English to be able to moderate the English channels, so we are not specifically looking for people that only speak English, but they are still free to apply as well and will be taken into consideration just as much.

      I will add it to the list though so it won't be as confusing.

      TLDR, if you only speak English, please apply as well! Extra languages are helpful but not a requirement to join.