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    • muting information

      when you mute someone for several days it would be educational or at least informative if you could share a bit of the log that made you come up with such a decision?

      i think that will create more "awareness" and even a chance for improvement than just telling people they are muted and that there is no chance or opportunity to remove or reduce the timer of the mute? :D X/
    • notthinkingaboutit wrote:

      i dont agree but i can indeed now at least understand how they could interpret what i said as a reason for the mute

      thanks for that :)

      This was a surprisingly positive conclusion - normally I’d expect this kind of thread to end in a rant.

      You are absolutely correct in that you deserve to know the reason for your mute and we try to provide that in the best and most efficient way possible. When you do receive a mute, you will see the reason and duration whenever you try to type something. In most cases this is sufficient, if not, players are always welcome to contact our support team to ask for further clarification or to try and dispute the mute.

      Many chat suspensions are not handed out for a specific line, but rather a span of chat messages forming a larger context that results in the infraction; it gets even more complex if other players are involved in the narrative.
      So a system that would show you specific lines would not be a solution in many cases and could at worst even be misleading. Hope that clears it up a bit.
    • :) this is the feedback/suggestions- and not the rant topic! but we can easily change that?

      lol of course; if you dont talk to people and only forcefully silence them and send out copy-paste messages in an email where they are told they will not have any opportunity to remove nor reduce the timer of their mute and threaten them that if they continue their ways they will be permanently silenced 8o iam not surprised they come back to the game and here with a lot of anger and frustration and treat you and everyone else with a rant or worse...

      playing judge, jury and executioner over what people are allowed to say or not? that indeed must be a very complex and a difficult task to do, especially if you try to remain fair and not act like some evil god? =O
      personally i choose to laugh at such silly behaviour, try to understand, discuss/argue and then move on and continue to be myself and try to enjoy life

      i do not believe forced silencing can ever be done fairly so it should never be done at all and the easiest and most fair solution would be to embrace freedom of speech and freedom of mute :thumbsup:
      (your chat already provides an excellent rightclick-mute system available to everyone for this)

      i understand you and a lot of people will disagree but dont worry i will not try to force anyone to be silent (not even those that type uwu or f-spam before maintenance every day lol) and sooner or later everyone will grow up or get tired and agree with me anyways

      i wish happiness, peace, good health and fun to everyone in albion and also in that other imaginary place called real life ;)