Dev Talk: 2022 Roadmap

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      Very bad announcement. Not so bad as previous update with elite levels, but still bad. I like this game but I see as you are trying to kill this game.

      Do you know what sandbox game is? As far as I know, sandbox is when player can choose what to do. But you make more and more events that force player to do what he must to do in order to get good reward. This is no longer sandbox game. Of course, you dont must to make exactly sandbox game. But for not sandbox game, you will need lot of fun quests and lot of other content.

      Do you really think your game is better than best AAA games for solo players? I think main thing in your game is cooperative content. But you are trying to make MMORPG for solo players.

      Also I dont like ROA but you want to up this. But this is just my opinion of course. I hope you will change your plans (but I understand there is high chance you will not change).
      Last time I checked an MMO meant massive multiplayer online. I know WoW came along and made soloing in MMOs some weird standard for some of you neckbeards, but not everyone agrees or likes this. I'm all for adding more solo content to make the game accessible which is what they are actually doing. You would have never survived in this game back in 2016/2017...What's your beef with elite levels? It was for veteran players in the update since Lands Awakened was geared in a lot of ways for newer players. Not the devs fault you can't seem to get an economy going...that's on YOU. Stop wasting your time ganking T4 shitters and actually put some work into making money since it's very easy to get in this game. Find a niche that fits your play style and roll with it. Not a very hard concept now is it? Are you anti social? Then seek some help for that and make some friends.
      I can repeat my question: do you really think this game is better than best AAA games for solo players? If not, why lot of solo players will come here? I think main thing in MMORPG game is cooperative contentNow about elite levels. This is bad because new players are very weak now vs old players. Old players can often just oneshot new players, even if new player donates and buys best equipment he can use (4,3 for example). Do you think he will continue to play after that or just leave this game? Also they did delete dungeons from statics (IDK why). So now game is worse than before elite levels update. If we believe Steam statistic, after elite levels update, game lost about 50% of online. Im not sure if game will survive another failed update. And as I said I like this game and I want to keep it.
      These comments might be a bit dated now since the new video came out and I suggest you watch it if you haven't already. I will still answer your questions though below.
      Question 1: The fact that this game was originally a Kickstarter project made by a small group of about 20 or so German developers and it can go toe to toe and slaughter a 200+ million AAA funded game from Amazon says a lot. This game was NEVER intended to be a solo player experience. Why you would choose an indie MMORPG game over a AAA single player game like The Witcher and expect the indie game to be a better experience for you solo? I'll never understand why solo players (in an MMORPG) think they deserve to play an entire game and get all the best stuff without ever even having to interact with another human being. They already have games like that with way better graphics and stories that are geared towards a single player. Solo players will still come to this game to check out the world, the combat. While they do this they may end up making friends, joining a guild or being part of an alliance and that may change their entire perspective...I've also been ganked in 1500 gear by a small band of lower IP players in the 900-1100 IP range and had my stuff stolen by them. They used good tactics and had snergy between their abilities to outmatch me and I lost. Many veteran players don't always roll around in the "best gear" btw either since you die a lot in this game. If the solo player has any common sense they will realize they were outmatched (usually by having low spec in their gear) and will work towards fixing that issue. The Lands Update made this combat grind so much easier it's not even funny. If you can't spec out a playstyle in this game over a few weeks of playtime then you're clearly doing something VERY WRONG. At that point I would suggest leaving since this game clearly isn't for you since you're probably just part of the instant gratification crowd that has been plaguing gaming for many years now. This game is a sandbox, not a theme park, and there are very few sandbox games that are actually decent in this genre. Sandbox games also tend to require more grind then theme park games do. If you aren't willing to put in the work, then you are just wasting your time in this game.

      Question 2: I like many others have supported this game for many years. Why shouldn't the veteran players get something to reward their time in game? It's not like a new player isn't going to become a veteran if they put the work into it. Elite specs also cost a shit ton of silver (especially the weapons) and you'll only increase your power by a very small IP increase. I still ZvZ and don't have my weapon at elite spec and I don't feel forced to grind out the 45 million combat credits and 15 million silver to max it out. Old players can one shot new players...sure if you watch the click bait youtubers who roll around in 8.3 gear in the royal zones fighting against 700ish IP players then absolutely they will stomp them. Does a level 60 player in classic wow destroy a level 10 player? Every single time....Btw MANY players that play this game don't use Steam because the original account can't be tied to your steam account so your argument about Steam statistics is irrelevant. Steam doesn't account for the mobile players and I'd say more then 50% of players in Albion use the original launcher provided by SBI and not through Steam. Not everyone and their mother uses Steam. Many do yes, but not EVERYONE... This game has and will survive and has only grown over the years. If you don't like how it's going then there are plenty of other solo friendly games out there that will suit your need to be anti social. Furthermore, you have an entire new solo friendly area called the Mists of Avalon coming out later in the year so I don't know what else to say on that matter. You can also do a lot of the content solo if you so desire such as dungeons (try challenging yourself by soloing a group dungeon) and faction warfare. If you think the black zone should be solo friendly well no offense but that's not what the black zone is about and will never be.

      Thinking you'll have a fair fight in the black zone is the same as these idiot Redditor "Legion" fighters going to Ukraine to fight against Russia and then complain that it isn't a fair fight...I personally feel they shouldn't even allow a player under 1200 IP to even enter in the black zone in the first place. This area is basically the "end game" portion of AO.

      PS: Do yourself a favour and stop watching those idiot youtubers like SwoleBenji and Equart because they will GET YOU NOWHERE in this game except feeling upset and inferior.
      idk but I tried equart's 4.1 content and I got successful results
    • please dont put Equart and SwoleBenji on the same level

      one is an actual content creator who provides actual content which displays his skill in PvP while the other is a troll who makes people play yellow zone exclusively

      then those said people who die to redzone or blackzone complain in the forums on why their economy is so bad or why is the game full loot
      Embrace the Risk Vs Reward. Do not deny it
      For it will only bring you pain


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      please dont put Equart and SwoleBenji on the same level

      one is an actual content creator who provides actual content which displays his skill in PvP while the other is a troll who makes people play yellow zone exclusively

      then those said people who die to redzone or blackzone complain in the forums on why their economy is so bad or why is the game full loot
      Equart isn't as bad as SwoleBenji but he's guilty of click bait (like most popular YT's do). Showing him destroy a bunch of noobs on his 2 hand sword in the red zone gives a very skewed view of pvp to these ppl. SwoleBenji is also a straight up exploiter at least he was when he went to New World. I'm sure he did / would do the same things in this game.
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    • Equarts show Skills While click bait titles are the norm for any streamer / youtuber

      content is what is important. Equarts shows the Max potential of a weapon can have and often takes out numbered fights to prove that it is possible

      SwoleBenji just straight up trolls and most of his viewpoints on the Full loot PvP of the game makes new players unable to enjoy the game after his influence.
      while his basic tutorials is Decent but his form of content and constant fear of full loot infect others.

      at least from my Point of View I had atleast meet 2-3 players which i tried to raise up as decent PvP players and they had messed up mentality about blackzone which made me and other guild mates suffer losses and wipes and in the end had to let them go

      i am looking at combat looters when they are healers or Dps
      Running from fight and away from healers forcing healers to chase after them to heal them
      Talking over shotcallers just because group size is the same but they have higher ip then us 6.1 vs 8.1

      that was the least of my problems to the point where we put a ban for any new player forcing for 10 mil PvP fame for new comers to the game
      imagine when you are a new player friendly guild and you have to put a 10mil pvp fame requirement

      now i run with Experience players exclusively but just imagine the damage when it was 2 year ago with no roads of avalon, over powered Hideouts, and ganking parties of 10 running left and right
      Solo Players would have a hard time getting 1 mil pvp fame let 10 mil pvp fame assuming each solo kill would net you 100k pvp fame on average
      100 Kills solo at the very least.
      Embrace the Risk Vs Reward. Do not deny it
      For it will only bring you pain


      Currently aiming for 120 on all Armors related to Morningstar Build
    • For all that is holy please SBI. Fix what youve got. There are leaky pipes hydrolizing mettalic acids into the foundation of albion. The core concept of albion is dope- just make the concepts more consistent
      You have mechanics that logically are inconsistent and illogically inconsistent. Cripple- purges movement speed through iron will when iron will literaly says "cannot be purged"
      There is an immense lack of differentiation between physical and magical damage, and this is just potential gameplay loops wasted. Basically physical/magical makes absolutely 0 difference. Because all the armors are pretty generic and none so different defensively from the rest.
      It is a sandbox game- with stark and strict metas. This alone is the biggest problem- the game has very very small windows of potentially viable builds. Its like all the players are gordan ramsay cooking up 5 star meals but the devs are 10 year olds who only like chicken fingers and french fries. So we make that shit, the "high dmg, high CC, high mobility, zoom zoom i always win class", and SBI.....wont.....balance....the fucking shit they made.