[UI] Dungeon butterflies and colour inconsistency

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    • [UI] Dungeon butterflies and colour inconsistency

      With the new update, natural dungeon spawns as well as maps have butterflies on them with different colors to differentiate what tier they are. But a lot of people are confused as to what tier is what color.

      For a while now, it's universal knowledge that the following colours are equivalent ot their tiers:
      • .1 is Green
      • .2 is Blue
      • .3 is Purple
      and Legendary is yellow, but we do not have a tier .4

      But right now maps do not match the system used throughout the game.
      • Flat maps have Green butterflies
      • .1 Maps have Blue butterflies
      • .2 Maps have Purple butterflies
      • .3 Maps have yellow butterflies.
      My suggestion
      Make maps start at .1 rather than flat, so maps would be .1, .2, .3 and .4 and match the colours used for other systems in the game.