Pinned Controller Support Live Testing

    • Using Ps4 controller. The controlls are jerky. Without touching anything my char only walks north permanently. And my menus flash open from mails to chat to destiny board. I cant press anything else.

      Anyone else have this issue? Controller works just fine on other games. I tried using DS4 and no DS4. Still the same.
    • Was very excited for controller support. I gave up playing Albion after an hour a few years ago because I couldn't lie back on the couch and play.

      Here's my experience playing the tutorial for an hour with a controller.

      Problems with xbox controller:
      - clicking in the movement sticks is always unpleasant and I don't like having to do it regularly for mounting and opening the radial menu
      - when I equipped a staff I found the right cursor appeared and almost never went away, meaning the right trigger made me run across the map when I tried to talk someone
      - there is no way to change between weapons and armor tabs on a vendor. I couldn't even figure out how I was supposed to complete the crafting quest until I noticed there ARE actually tabs in the shops
      - I couldn't work out how to attack with a staff. Clicked X, cursor appeared, then nothing, tried right trigger, nothing. Died. Fighting was fine with the starting sword however
      - The highlighted box around inventory and shop items is MUCH too dim to see what the selection actually is. Make it saturated, bright, thick, gold so we can see please.
      - The skill tree is unusable - can't zoom, can't pan, can't work out how to select anything.
      - Right trigger and A button both seem to signify use/enable/click/go - but it different situations unnecessarily. Very confusing. B for back everywhere is great - except sometimes it closes a dialog instead of cancelling an option.
      - The hints can't be dismissed with a controller.
      - Settings can't be opened with a controller. I expected it to work with the settings button in the middle of the controller.

      Overall I found the controller really hard to use. Still unplayable for me, but interested in checking back in a year. I highly recommend you take a look at how Genshin Impact does it, theirs is great. Or even Cyberpunk, besides the clicking of movement sticks.

      Fighting should be right stick movement to aim.

      Most importantly, you need to make the radial menu easily accessible (like left trigger + right stick + release). It's the most important menu in the game and should be fast and easy. One way to do this is map one of the buttons to a 'mode'. Have a fighting mode and an options or dialog mode, and make the buttons work differently depending on which you're in. And frees up buttons for you to assign.

      And things really need to be more consistent - back/accept, dialogs/shops/menus/inventory, maps/skills. They should all have the same buttons.

      Good luck!
    • I agree that there should be option that would keep the mouse visible even if moving with the stick on the controller.

      Actually, it would be even better if you allowed us to move with WASD... that would allow players who main healers such as myself be more efficient.. being able to run and target at the same time is kinda needed. And you're actually not far from implementing this. We already move with stick on the controller, it's basically the same thing, just WASD instead of stick axis. Anyway, if we could still see and move mouse when joystick is in use, that would be sufficient. So please <3
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      I also buyed a cheap wireless controller on amazon and its working fine on the PC client but on the android Version (Galaxy Tab S7+) the LT and RT buttons are not working. I connect via USB OTG Adapter to the tablet. An old wired Logitech controller is working fine in this setip