A Blue Orb shouldn't give a level 1 HQ 24hrs of charge

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    • Quagga wrote:

      DeadlyWipe wrote:

      Deserving: Is about getting qualified through the system, not through the community right sense.
      Accept that or quit.
      Thank you for confirming what was mentioned.

      You welcome. But remember, while you crying on forum, the rats are capturing Power Cores, Gathering Nodes and everything they can because who is supposed to face them is worse than them.
      I hope they make you quit the game really soon.
    • DeadlyWipe wrote:

      The system is well made and your arguments reminds me my brother when he started on Albion.
      A lot of bullshit and barking for no reason.

      People like you cannot deny content to anyone anymore, the time of RMTing with renters is gone.
      You should actually find a job now.
      You're actually spouting trash talk like it's real - unironically. Tryna be some spiteful keyboard warrior out here lmao

      I'm not arguing for orbs to give nothing so we can conquer the world. I'm asking for orbs to give a more reasonable amount of power so that it doesn't require sitting in the zone every day, every hour of the night for a whole month (probably longer) to break a hideout, because that's unreasonable

      And if they're such a good guild they'll just be able to place another one even if the current one gets destroyed surely?

      Again, making rests better fixes all of this
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    • TheRoadExplorer wrote:

      Oshien wrote:

      It is a good design. If you are trying to push them out then gank them until it isn't worth staying in the area. They seem active enough and deserve to have a place to call home if they can hold it. If you cannot push them out then enjoy the increased content.
      I don't think you understand this at all.Just gank them doesn't work. If you kill them a couple of times nothing is gonna happen. They not just magicly gonna run out of money if they had enough to put down a HO.
      What you need to do is zone gank them for hours. Which sounds easy enough right?
      Well here is the problems:
      You need your whole ganking group to stay on stand by, stay on ava entrances, normal map entrances and HQ entrances so they cannot get any content.
      In the mean time they can literaly just go do any other content. Which means you are waiting whit your whole ganking group not getting anyone because they can just deny you content with not doing anything. And they just gonna pop-out from HQ see if we still there. Not there? Let's get free cores.
      Other problem with this that any decent group that is running around for chest is gonna wipe your ganking party.

      If you can tell me an example of HQ that got destroyed because they run out energy (meaning energy cores would be balanced, and it's possible to starve someone out) I would appreciate that. Cheers!
      I don't think you understand ... that is literally the point. It makes it very, very hard to starve out a group. Bigger groups have to spend thousands of hours of playtime to push out a small group that really has no chance to fight them otherwise. But it is still possible. Our group starved 3 or 4 HQs by accident in the early season and they became just normal HOs just due to us having very active players and they had less active players.
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    • Here's a random idea: let people use cores offensively.

      Turning a core into your guild hideout should grant you power to it. I personally think allies should be able to do it too, just give less power than normal for it.
      Turning a core into a hideout not in your guild/alliance should reduce its power level. Lorewise some sort of "corruption" ritual that makes the power core evil or something, but you can now bring cores to a hideout to lower its power level. Furthermore, this lets guilds who don't have hideouts participate with cores since they can now turn them into hideouts to lower power levels as well as gain might. I would give headquarters a resistance against this effect, but not immunity.

      Something like this, where x is the value of the power core.
      Turning into your guild's headquarters: +1.2x
      Turning into your guild's hideout: +1.0x
      Turning into allied guild's hideout: +0.5x
      Turning into enemy hideout: -0.5x
      Turning into enemy headquarters: -0.2x