Lands Awakened Patch 3 was better then Lands Awakened Patch 4

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    • Akhenaden wrote:

      my favorite weapon was the clarent blad (rework nerf)
      Bro... Agree so much...
      Clarent rework was the most terrible rework SBI ever did.
      Took an unique weapon which had it's place, which was used, which was loved, which HAD A SOUL, and which WAS paying back once mastered, and...
      Brrr... Brrr.... Brrr..... AAAAAAaahhhhghhhrbbbbrrrr....

      WTB skill

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    • DeadlyWipe wrote:

      Imagine yourself watching 10 recent youtube videos and in 9 of the 10 You realize the youtube is lagging so hard.
      Then you decide to go to Twitch and bum! Same thing, literally unwatchable.
      Albion TV? Even worse. And when you try to play the game for yourself It looks 10x more frustrating.

      You guys shouldn't have sold the game to a family friend company.
      And lets not mention that the server died days ago.
      WTB skill
    • Imagine maximum kill PvP fame, by some indian guru coder reason, to be limited/diminished.
      Just calculate, how much approximate PvP fame it had to drop, by multiplying every 8.3 set by 5M.
      SBI superservers can't handle such calculations...

      WTB skill

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    • Hello dear readers. <3
      Today i want to rant about Laborers and Journals.
      Apply your butt coolers, take a sit and relax.
      I hope you enjoy it.

      The problem about laborers was visible since release.
      Not a real big problem. But tricky "problem".
      Few players who dedicated most of their time into laborers for last few years became richest persons in Albion.

      What was the initial problems (economy wise) indented to be solved by laborers existence.
      1. Stone demand.

      The only economy process laborers mechanics initially was indented to solve, is to create stone demand.
      Not creation of richest players in Albion btw.

      Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift...

      What was suggested few years ago, despite the global journals balance.
      Make islands houses and barracks DECAYING, linking stone consumption into other resources emission.
      - constant marked-driven stone demand
      - impossible unlimited laborers quantity escalation
      - global competition
      - do you see any?

      What wa the only action SBI did?
      Triple crafting journals fame required. Pffffff.....
      Yeah, it's just for journals balance. But ZOMG.
      did it changed stone demand?
      did it deny endless quantity escalation for players sitting on journals trading?
      did it change anything?

      Fking no.
      Do you know what is the most profitable silver into fame conversion, if you want just a fame?
      To build T6 houses, demolish it, and build again.
      K E K W.
      WTB skill
    • gmatagmis wrote:

      - do you see any?
      People really do not like wealth decaying mechanics. Once people buy something, they expect to more or less keep it.

      That con is a much bigger deal than all the pros.

      And the triple fame, absolutely did something. Previously it was trivial for me to keep the lights on and engines running. The journals would output half of the resources I needed to fill the next journal. So I only needed to source the other 50%.

      Now I need to source 85% more resources to fill the next journal. It's a big deal. Everyone's journal stores are gone by now. Most peoples resource stores are way down to. It's a much leaner system and it is significantly harder to both maintain the operation, and more so, to maintain profit margins.

      It's still fine, and I don't think anyone is actually super excited about putting up and tearing down houses for the general fame.
      ..QQ _^..^_/ QQ..
      (not to be eaten!)
    • Piddle wrote:

      People really do not like wealth decaying mechanics. Once people buy something, they expect to more or less keep it.
      It could be decay per use mechanic, much like gear durability.
      Part of global economy processes, with deep market gameplay, balancing different emission processes between them.
      But instead we have what we have...
      Do repeat until economy is fked.
      WTB skill

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    • Lets push one more wound?

      Average item power.
      The stat designed to show players gear score in the stupidest of possible ways.
      It was ok, until it was just to show.
      But once it got used to participate (CD, HGs, Queue), the things became just extravaganza.

      Dead SBI, there NO SINGLE PLAYER in Albion.
      Who will be against Average IP formula to be changed for:
      1. Exclude cape.
      2. 1/8 for head, feet, offhand.
      3. 1/4 for chest.
      4. 1/2 for 2H weapon, 3/8 1H.

      The proper way, average IP should be calculated.
      WTB skill
    • Yes, yes. Royal gear with it's IP/cost is kinda out of scene.
      In my opinion royal gear should give +125 IP bonus, to take a spot above avalonian gear.
      And also, sigils emission could be increased by arena changes i've asking for about 2 years in every arena topic:
      1. Double reward for healer.
      2. Remove rewards limit.
      3. Give fame for both teams for scoring tickets, instead of tomes at the end, to make loosing team to not give up, and resist till the end.

      And of course Please add arena-like battlegrounds.
      WTB skill
    • Hello.
      And for now.
      Real world events have completely shaken my outlook on life.
      So, the motivation to even enter the game is completely gone.
      Thank you Sandbox Interactive for creating the best virtual world ever.
      For the opportunity to live one more rich, vibrant, and instructive virtual life.
      Thanks to all Albion players for filling this life with events and emotions.
      Everyone. Good luck. GGWP. F.

      WTB skill