Testserver Patch Notes - Lands Awakened Patch 4

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    • Testserver Patch Notes - Lands Awakened Patch 4

      Lands Awakened Patch 4

      Quality-of-Life Improvements

      • Party markers now persist when changing zones
      • Silver piles now behave like loot bags with their visual effects, and no longer show the "rising particle" effect until they are ready to be looted
      • An overhead message now displays when the effects of food expire
      • Added Elite/Mastery tooltip to items with active Elite Levels
      • Updated select Royal City visuals to reflect reworked biomes (Note: players in cities when the patch is deployed will be relocated to the nearest exit within the city)
      • Clicking "Sell Order" in the Marketplace UI now defaults to either "Sell" or "Sell Order" based on last action
      • Items in the "Probabilities" section of the Reroll UI can now be clicked to open their respective Item Details
      • The Silver-per-Nutrition Reward for delivering food to crafting stations is now displayed per 100 Nutrition to be more intuitive (previously per 1000)
      Party Invite and Chat Command Changes
      • Party join requests now behave as a join instead of an invite if used on a player without a party
      • Multiple party join requests can now be sent by a single player, with pending requests canceled automatically after an acceptance
      • Using /suicide command now requires a second pop-up confirmation
      • Added message to /stuck command indicating that player can still be attacked during casting time
      New Buttons in Player Inventory
      New Loadouts and Wardrobe buttons have been added to the Player Inventory Screen, replacing the Stack and Sort buttons. These buttons now appear at the bottom of the UI, below the item slots.

      Static Dungeon Mob Changes
      • Morgana:
        • Mistress of Magic:
          • Increased Cooldowns of Blight Rain (13s → 18s) and Mark of Corruption (11s → 13s) to give players more time to act and added spell to hit the tank
        • Gifted Sorceress:
          • Enfeeble Blade damage reduced by 33%
      • Undead:
        • Dread Lord:
          • Decreased Sweeping Strike damage (1100 → 990)
          • Increased time for players to react to Sweeping Strike
        • Bone Archer:
          • Cursed Arrow Cast Time increased (0.65s → 0.85s) and effect area slightly decreased
        • Frostweaver:
          • Frozen spell now dissipates when the mob dies
      • Keeper:
        • Earthdaughter:
          • Changed Frenzy spell behavior to put more pressure on tanks
      • All Factions:
        • Updated numerous Static Dungeon mob avatars to better match the mob visually
      Other Changes
      • Players can now use "escape dungeon" (Hotkey: A) even while in active combat, though getting hit will still interrupt casting
      • Forced Combat Mode is now off by default (can be turned on in Settings)
      • Re-ordered "Appearance" menu, now opens to Wardrobe by default
      • Energy Surge Season statue furniture items are now placeable
      General Combat System Balance Changes
      Resilience (also known as Focus Fire Protection)
      To increase the survival chances of solo players and small groups against bigger groups, the Resilience ramp-up curve has been increased. The scale of this increase depends on group size: the more attackers a target has, the higher the increase. If 6-7 players attack a solo player, the solo player will now survive about 10% longer than before.
      • Melee Damage Reduction Factor: 40 → 50
        • This increases survivability by 5.1% vs 3 players and 12.8% vs 10 players
      • Ranged Damage Reduction Factor: 20 → 25
        • This increases survivability by 3.5% vs 3 players and 15.1% vs 10 players
      AoE Escalation
      In addition, AoE Escalation has been increased to have greater impact again, even for smaller clumps. This change favors smaller groups, since large enemy forces are more likely to have multiple players in close proximity to each other. The increased AoE Escalation Damage in large fights will be offset to a certain degree by the higher Resilience values above.
      • 2 Targets: 5% → 8%
      • 3 Targets: 10% → 16%
      • 4 Targets: 15% → 24%
      • 5 Targets: 20% → 32%
      • 6 Targets: 25% → 40%
      • 7 Targets: 30% → 48%
      • 8 Targets: 35% → 56%
      • 9+ Targets: 40% → 56%
      Crowd Control Duration
      The way CC effects scale with ability power has been adjusted to align with the scaling of CC resistance in the game. This means CC effects are weaker on higher Item Power items. As well as fixing a bug, this will generally reduce cases of very long-lasting CC effects in the game.
      • CC Power now scales more slowly with Item Power (Includes all types of CC Duration and Knockback distance)
      • To compensate for this, base CC Duration values have been increased by 40%
      • With this new progression curve, CC Power will retain its old value at roughly 1000 IP:
        • Below 1000 IP: CC effects will become stronger
        • Above 1000 IP: CC effects will become weaker
      Diminishing Returns
      To discourage stacking of long-lasting hard CCs, the effectiveness of Diminishing Returns has been greatly increased to avoid situations where players can become stun-locked for an extended time.
      • Max Diminishing Return Reduction of CC effects: 75% → 80%
      • Stun Factor: 0.1 → 0.3
      • Root Factor: 0.05 → 0.3
      • Silence Factor: 0.05 → 0.3
      • Forced Movement: 0.1 → 0.3
      • Slow Factor : 0.08 → 0.3
      Combat Balance Changes
      Greataxe's E-ability is an uninterruptible moving channel with very high damage output, which can make this ability somewhat overwhelming. To offer more counterplay options, the damage on each enemy now ramps up over time. If the enemy can escape the channel before it ends, the damage will no longer be as devastating. Additionally, its overall damage output against players has been reduced, as this was previously a little too high. However, damage output in PvE has been increased with this change, with Greataxe now dealing the same damage against mobs as players.
      • Whirlwind (Greataxe):
        • The damage now increases with each tick if the same target is hit repeatedly
        • First Tick Damage: 76 → 56
        • Each consecutive tick: Damage increases by 4 (6 ticks total)
        • Now deals equal damage to mobs and players
      With the overall increase in combat pacing in recent years, Rain of Arrows channel duration had become somewhat too long. To make it more useful in modern Albion, its channel duration has been decreased and damage per tick increased, making it less dependent on the Explosive Arrows buff to deal significant damage.
      • Rain of Arrows (Longbow):
        • Max Channel Duration: 2.5s → 1.5s
        • Damage per Tick: 60 → 90
        • Total Damage Ticks: 6 → 4
      Caltrops have been improved to increase the survival chances of Crossbows in open-world situations. When an enemy activates the trap, the caster now receives an additional movement speed buff to better create distance. This should be of particular help when outnumbered.
      • Caltrops (all Crossbows):
        • Standtime: 0.5s → 0.2s
        • Hit Delay: 0.5s → 0.2s
        • If an enemy activates the trap, the caster's move speed is increased by 20% for 2s
        • Slow Strength: 50% → 40%
        • Cooldown: 4s → 5s
      Cursed Staffs
      While Enfeeble Blades was recently reworked to take over the offensive purging role in large-scale fights, its tick interval and small radius made it somewhat unreliable in that role. In order to address this, it now completely nullifies all enemy buffs for its entire duration. Additionally, since it has a smaller radius than The Void, its cooldown has also been reduced and its cast speed increased to make it easier to utilize in large-scale battles.
      Since the effectiveness of AoE Escalation is also increased with this patch, the base armor shred of Cataclysm has been reduced, as its larger radius makes it easier to hit a large number of players and the escalated debuff strength would amplify the damage too dramatically.
      • Enfeeble Blades (Lifecurse Staff):
        • Enemies are now immune to any type of buffs, for the whole duration while they are in the area
        • Cooldown decreased by 5s (across all Item Power)
        • Cast Time: 0.6s → 0.4s
      • Cataclysm (Damnation Staff):
        • Armor Reduction: 0.24 → 0.18
      Fire Staffs
      Wildfire Staff remains a strong weapon across multiple content types. Its burst damage is still very high, and its low cast time made this ability particularly hard to avoid. To address this, its cast time has been reverted to its previous 0.6s, which should make it possible to react if a Magma Sphere is cast directly into an enemy's face. Additionally, the base damage of its first impact has been reduced. The true damage DoT retains its strong impact against tanks and high HP builds, but will no longer melt cloth users as quickly.
      The range of Searing Flame has been reduced, since its cast range off-screen was somewhat too high on this low-cooldown and high-damage Q-ability.
      Since Dawnsong is more likely to hit the enemy frontline, it has been difficult to utilize the Healing Cast debuff, because enemy Healers are usually in the backline. To make this debuff more dependable, it now reduces Healing Received instead. Additionally, its cooldown has been adjusted to 30s to make it easier to sync with other forces in a ZvZ.
      • Searing Flame (all Fire Staffs):
        • Range: 20m → 18m
      • Magma Sphere (Wildfire Staff):
        • Cast Time: 0.4s → 0.6s
        • Instant Damage: 296 → 240
      • Flaming Phoenix (Dawnsong):
        • The debuff now reduces Healing Received, instead of Healing Cast
        • Cooldown: 40s → 30s
      Holy Staffs
      Redemption Staff had dominated Crystal League 5v5 since its last rework. The bouncing mechanic was intended to make it difficult to focus its healing on specific targets, but teams became skilled at keeping the Sphere on the exact targets that required healing. With the high healing output per bounce, counterplay for the enemy team was very limited. To make this ability more interesting, its base healing has been reduced, but if the Sphere keeps healing the same two targets, each consecutive bounce heals for more. Interrupting this charge-up mechanic also allows for more counterplay from the opposing team.
      Great Holy Staff provides high utility with its AoE knockback and strong Heal, which can be used offensively and defensively and encourages good decision-making from the user. But with its low cooldown and high utility, it had been outperforming other healing staffs in 2v2 Hellgates. Its cooldown has therefore been slightly increased to reduce its up-time.
      • Celestial Sphere (Redemption Staff):
        • Heal per bounce: 90 → 60
        • Reduced base healing, but every time the Sphere heals the same target within 1.5s, the healing output increases by 25% (stacks up to 4 times)
      • Holy Explosion (Great Holy Staff):
        • Cooldown: 15s → 18s
      Nature Staffs
      One-handed Nature Staff has struggled to find a place in the meta. A long cast time made it easy to interrupt the E-ability and deny its healing completely. Since Circle of Life is already dependent on the Rejuvenation stacks on allies, its cast time has been reduced to make it easier to get the cast through.
      • Circle of Life (One-handed Nature Staff):
        • Cast Time: 0.7s → 0.5s
      The maximum damage of Bridled Fury has been reduced to make one-shots less likely with the new AoE Escalation introduced with this patch. To further increase counterplay options, the caster is no longer immune to damage during the backward leap, and reflected damage is therefore now a threat to the caster.
      • Merciless Finish (Bridled Fury):
        • The backward leap is no longer immune to damage (now only immune to CC)
        • 3-Stack Damage: 267 → 250
      Glaive has been very dominant in 5v5 Crystal League play for some time. To make it less oppressive and more telegraphed, its cast range has been reduced.
      • Fling (Glaive):
        • Cast Range: 5m → 3m
      Since its last rework, Clarent Blade was still underperforming somewhat. To make its unique features more attractive, the strength of its additional effects have been increased, thereby increasing its maximum damage potential.
      Hamstring is intended to offer a Brawler-type playstyle that sticks to targets and deals constant damage. To make the ability more useful in this role, its damage output has been increased.
      • Crescent Slash (Clarent Blade):
        • 1 Stack Slow Strength: 20% → 30%
        • 2 Stack Silence Duration: 1.4s → 2s
        • 3 Stack Additional Damage: 94 → 120
      • Hamstring (all Swords):
        • Damage 66 → 78
      War Gloves
      Post-update adjustments improved the gameplay of the new War Gloves weapon line, but in terms of effectiveness they were still not quite where they needed to be. Various aspects have therefore been further improved.
      Q-abilities with more utility like Dragon Leap and Shock Wave have been adjusted to incentivize players to use only the first part of the ability for constant damage on a low cooldown. The second part of the ability should then be used deliberately, to commit to its utility at the cost of a higher cooldown.
      Additionally, various E-abilities have been improved. Spiked Gloves were intended as a threat to enemy tanks, but their damage was not sufficient to threaten plate tanks. For this reason their damage against plate has been increased significantly, so that they can excel as a tank buster. Infernal Boulder’s secondary effect has been changed to a DoT that reduces Healing Received and is stackable – better for eliminating a single target without a direct one-shot. Its debuff stacking should also make it clearer to new players that the boulder can hit the same target multiple times. The Aggressive Rush passive is now called Fatal Fury, and was reworked with a damage buff that gradually ramps up with each normal attack, giving successive auto-attack hits more impact.
      • Resilience Penetration (all War Gloves):
        • 40% → 60%
      • Dragon Leap (all War Gloves):
        • Cooldown when first hit misses: 7s → 4s
        • Time window to activate Uppercut: 3s → 2s (this makes it more attractive to keep using the first hit to increase damage, and only trigger the longer cooldown when committing to the Uppercut for additional CC)
        • Energy Cost: 4 → 3
      • Shock Wave (all War Gloves):
        • Cooldown for the first attack: 6s → 4s (using the dash still triggers a 6s cooldown)
        • Energy Cost: 5 → 4
      • Counter (all War Gloves):
        • The hit after Counter now knocks enemies airborne for 0.76s instead of 3m knockback
      • Falcon Smash (Battle Bracers):
        • Close Range Damage Radius: 3m → 4m
        • Max Range Damage Radius: 5.5m → 6m
      • Gravitational Collapse (Spiked Gauntlets):
        • Damage vs Plate: 300 → 450
      • Hundred Striking Fists (Ursine Maulers):
        • The delayed Damage can no longer be reflected
      • Infernal Boulder (Hellfire Hands):
        • No longer applies Slow effect
        • Each hit instead applies DoT that ticks for 4s
        • Deals 5.6 damage per second and Reduces Healing Received by 20% (stacks up to 3 times)
      • Aggressive Rush (Passive) is now Fatal Fury:
        • 3 Hit Attack Chain: Every normal Attack increases your Damage by 2% for 3s (stacks up to 9 times)
        • 2 Hit Attack Chain: Every normal Attack increases your Damage by 1.5% for 3s (stacks up to 12 times)
        • On max stacks, the buff can't be refreshed and will run out
      • Growing Rage (Royal Hood):
        • Damage Increase per Stack: 5% → 4%
      • Mortal Agony (Stalker Hood):
        • Damage Increase: 20% → 15%
      With AoE Escalation receiving a buff, the damage buff from various armor slot items has been reduced to make one-shots less likely. Specifically, Everlasting Spirit was a fairly strong armor slot ability already, so its damage and healing increase has been reduced. Jacket of Tenacity was somewhat underused, so Dynamic Defense has been improved with a shorter cooldown to offer more reactive gameplay. Additionally, it can now be used on allies, opening up new options for this buff.
      • Everlasting Spirit (Cleric Robe):
        • Damage & Healing Increase: 30% → 20%
      • Dynamic Defense (Jacket of Tenacity):
        • Can now also be cast on allies
        • Cooldown: 30s → 20s
        • Buff Duration: 5s → 4s
      • Defenseless Rush (Royal Sandals):
        • Damage Increase: 20% → 15%
      Capes with effects triggered by auto-attacks will no longer activate while Hostile Dismount status is active. The following capes are affected:
      • Bridgewatch Cape
      • Thetford Cape
      • Demon Cape
      • Spell fixes:
        • Frost Bolt's slow effect now subject to Diminishing Returns
        • Fixed an issue where skillshots would travel in the wrong direction when aimed over deep chasms in the landscape
        • Fixed an issue where Flaming Geyser did not damage targets with knockback immunity
        • Fixed an issue where Cleanse did not cancel the root effect of Disembowel
        • Divine Protection now displays the target range indicator
        • Fixed visual issues with super short dashes, e.g. in Spinning Blades spell
        • Deathward Climax (Boltcasters): now triggers mercenary jacket Bloodlust heal, and Damage per tick increased but last tick removed, so overall damage remains unchanged
      • UI fixes:
        • Fixed an issue where resource return rate would sometimes not display during crafting/refining
        • Fixed an issue with the Black Market not sending notifications for sell/buy orders when instantly and completely fulfilled
        • Fixed an issue where Marketplace notifications did not include correct amounts for sell/buy orders if part of the order was instantly fulfilled
        • Fixed an issue where fetching items from the Marketplace at 800% carry capacity behaved as if 1600% cap was reached
        • Fixed an issue where consumables showed as "better than original" when buying Loadouts, even when they were not
        • Fixed an issue where Season Point Breakdown and Territory Attack lists in Guild UI would self-scroll
        • Fixed an issue where the inspect UI cleared when changing zones
        • Fixed an issue where locked chat window unlocked after server reset
        • Removed unnecessary "Bid Value" line from land auction UI
      • Corrected default role for War Gloves to "offensive" – will select a defensive role only when used with plate armor (similar to Swords)
      • Randomized Dungeon Maps no longer suggest routes through Static Dungeons
      • Fixed an issue where Laborers could not be moved within buildings
      • Laborers can now be placed in houses in Outlands towns
      • Fixed an issue where multiple crops could be watered with the same timed channel
      • Fixed an issue where scenery in some Castle Outposts could block mob attacks
      • Fixed an issue where displayed guild logo reverted to older version when dismounting
      • Fixed a rare Hellgate bug where teammates lost party status and became attackable
      • Bank of Caerleon banners now display correct Guild Season winner logo
      • Castle Bosses now have intended boss music
      • Removed an unintended invisibility shrine that found its way into a blue zone
      • [MOBILE] Fixed an issue where resources were sometimes not gatherable after server restart
      • Numerous additional graphical, audio, animation, terrain, UI, and localization fixes
    • PrintsKaspian wrote:

      Lands Awakened Patch 4


      • Fixed an issue where Cleanse did not cancel the root effect of Disembowel

      Is that the reason why sometimes when you get dismounted you don't get the automatic Cleanse ?
      If yes, does it fix only player launched Cleanse, or does it also fix the automatic Cleanse you get when you get dismount by Disembowel ?

      Thanks for the patch notes !
    • "Jacket of Tenacity was somewhat underused, so Dynamic Defense has been improved with a shorter cooldown to offer more reactive gameplay. Additionally, it can now be used on allies, opening up new options for this buff."
      • Dynamic Defense (Jacket of Tenacity):
        • Can now also be cast on allies
        • Cooldown: 30s → 20s
        • Buff Duration: 5s → 4s