Seeking Advice for New Player

    • Seeking Advice for New Player

      Hello all. I am looking for a new MMORPG to get into and have been interested in Albion basically since it was announced - I have just never tried it. I have played most of the larger MMORPG's over the last 15 years, most recently New World.
      My questions are: Tweakbox Appvalley is it too late to get into the game at this point? Are you able to play without paying for premium? Will a new player just get PvP'd constantly while trying to learn/play the game? Would I be able to progress through the game without having to spend huge amounts of time daily?
      Thank you for any information you can give. I appreciate it all!

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    • I am kinda new as well but from what I have learnt is, PVP can be avoided pretty easy. You start off in safe zone color blue and once you get to higher leveled you can go into yellow zones which are still kinda safe. You can be killed but you wont lose anything there. The black and red zones as I understand it are the lose stuff zones. Premium can be earned ingame and is nice to have but not needed. You also get 3 free days after you finish tutorial island. I suggest watching videos on how to best make use of your time on tutorial island and then once you leave so the free prem time wont go to waste. You can spend whatever amount of time you wont in the game. There is a daily but like 2 dungeons finishes it easily.