[12. January 2022] Lands Awakened Patch 3

    • [12. January 2022] Lands Awakened Patch 3

      Lands Awakened Patch 3 - Ver. 19.030.1 - January 12, 2022

      • Repositioned one Faction Warfare Outpost in Astolat to avoid overlap with mobs, Randomized Dungeons, etc. NOTE: Players in this zone when the patch is deployed will be moved to the nearest zone exit.

      • Fixed an issue where dash, pull, and knockback effects would sometimes act erratically under high-ping conditions (e.g. Chain Slash)
      • Tooltip values for Knight's Vow (Guild Season Fame Boost) now show the correct higher values introduced with the last update
      • Fixed an issue where some Roads of Avalon zones displayed the wrong name in the character selection screen when logging in
      • Fixed an issue where the Guild Estates UI did not display all owned Hideouts / Territories
      • Fixed an issue where the Character and Guild Stats UIs would occasionally glitch and become unresponsive
      • Fixed an issue where animals collected from kennels would disappear when player inventory was full
      • Fixed an issue where resource gathering would reset when swapping items within inventory
      • Fixed a rare issue where items continued to be rerolled even after reaching the target quality
      • Additional graphical, audio, terrain, UI, and localization fixes
    • I cant update mobile version, because there is no update in google play, but the version that the server requires is newer than Google Play version....so what should i do???

      So 2 minutes after i posted this...Google Play showed the update...ha...great timing.

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