Not a happy new year for women in Albion Online.

    • Hello, it sucks that she didnt insta took all her stuff and drop that guild, besides reporting every single one -as you stated she was hours dealing with this- in adition the fact that they got her facebook without she actually sharing it, this is utterly disgusting -and concerning, what´s the word... doxing?. I hope moderation cuts their heads and that she isnt harrased anymore.

      You cannot fight or change the mentality of the pigs, and mostly you may pretend you are a boy to avoid the simping or harrasing, but at the same time, Albion isnt full of these creeps, there are plenty of guilds that treat women as an equal, where if a pig has de audacity to put someone unconfortable, gets the boot, doesnt matter who he is.

      Good job supporting your friend, please share how this developes, because it´s actually important. I dont like the tittle tho, but I guess you needed to use the clickbait forces to raise awareness.

    • To all the assholes saying "lol is just gaem lol close gaem lol block lol triggered snoe flaek lol"

      fuck you.

      I don't know about the /Spanish chat, but every fucking day, the /English chat is full of dumbass incels shitting on women, whining that they can't get their dick sucked. They'll make comments about drugging women, using chloroform or other rapist tactics. I've even seen people encouraging violence and murder.

      This is the shit we, as women, have to deal with in every fucking gaming community we come to on a daily fucking basis. Whether it's online or offline.

      Also, maybe some of you fuckwits aren't aware of this fact, but
      I filled that up within the first two weeks - there are far more than 150 leaky assholes in need of plugging.

      The chat rules clearly state this shit doesn't belong:

      Chat Rules wrote:

      We do not expect the game and chat to be a clinically-clean environment -

      it is a competitive game after all, however blatant toxicity and your favorite -isms will not be tolerated.
      But the only rules any of you fuckers ever seem to notice are "English in English chat" and "spammer no spamming".

      Also, the fact that some of you choose to tolerate this kind of shit when it happens to you does not mean everyone else should have to tolerate it. Especially when someone is telling you to kill yourself. Fucking report that shit. A lot of people who play these games suffer from real mental illness and depression and they don't need to be seeing that shit.

      And just to be clear - I'm not trying to make this a competition for which language chat is worse. I imagine this shit is, at the very least, equally bad in every language chat. That don't mean we shouldn't strive for better. You don't stop shovelling the shit out of your yard just because the guy down the street has a bigger pile in his.
      Don't trust the META - It's all FAKE NEWBS
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