Dual Swords need some love

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    • DualSword vs Kingmaker both in a duel for be the worst wep in game... DualSword animation and whole E no makes sense and KingMaker have no place in game cuz is usseles that E even a mob can dodge it...

      Stacks condition for dmg is the killer of swords in general, while bloodletter just E and instakill anything.
    • I have seen what proper king maker players can do.

      and believe me when i say king maker is damn strong when it comes to instanced content brawls.
      and also its not that hard to hit a king maker since they buffed splitting slash a while back

      2600 base damage on W E combo can nuke almost any cloth player
      The Tank Who Bonks

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    • although the swords nerfs still find space mainly in corrupted and hg. Double swords has undergone a terrible animation rework, is difficult to hit, can be reflected and cancelled and still has the worst scaling of damage between the swords....

      I'm going to tell you a quick story.
      always been main swords, in small-scale combat, my favorite weapon was the clarent blad (rework nerf), Dual Swords (rework nerf), CD played large swords (nerfs)....next nerf should come on claymore because of hg 2v2.anyway i'm upando axe that this know that retroman likes and won't nerf them.