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      So I was thinking, it would be awesome to have a space on guild islands where players can leave public messages for the guild. These could be small notes like:
      • Please remember to wipe your feet BEFORE entering the guild hall (doing it AFTER does not help)
      • For the third time, please clean up after your elephant; the labourers are starting to talk about unionising over the shitty work conditions,
      • We'll be running blue zone solo dungeons in our Gucci-gear next Friday at 5PM EST - be there or be square
      • PM me for access to my private island! I have cookies!
      • I have max spec in crafting t3 trash; offering huge discounts to guildies and allies! only 150k a piece!
      • Offering cheap escort/body guard services (blue zone only)
      • Be weary of the user VoraciousHarpy; she will send her bird to peck your pecker off and shit on you!

      Such messages could later be edited or deleted by the GM or the OP, (maybe an option to make some notes publicly editable by all guild members?) and all guild members would receive notifications whenever a new message is posted. I'm not thinking that this should be a full scale forum system though; so direct publicly posted replies to notes don't have to be possible. Maybe a limited number of notes (150?) can be posted at a time, and after a while, older notes can be bumped off forever (unless stickied by the GM) just to save space and prevent clutter.

      Before you say it - I don't have discord, I don't want discord. Don't tell me to use discord >:(

      Another thing would be a way of labelling chests. I like to have separate chests for designated things. like, one for ore, one for fiber, one for my collection of artifacts, etc. and that means a lot of chests, and they all look the same. If i could label them, maybe only have to hover the mouse over them to get a tool-tip telling me what i labelled it, that would make life a little easier. I could easily find my chest full of t8 trash scavenged off the corpses of fallen players.
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